Rhenz Abando Tattoo

Let us take a look at Rhenz Abando tattoo and also find its meaning and designs. A tattoo is a form of self-expression and is known for telling the story of the person.

The professional Filipino basketball player Rhenz Joseph Mamuyac Abando has been making waves in the Korean Basketball League.

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With his extraordinary abilities and tenacity on the court, Abando has captured the attention of both fans and professionals.

Rhenz began his basketball career in his hometown of Pampanga, Philippines.

Moreover, he played basketball on neighborhood courts and in the streets, improving his talents and harboring dreams of becoming a professional player like many other young athletes.

As a member of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Growling Tigers during his collegiate years, Abando gained widespread recognition in the country.

Furthermore, he played a crucial part in helping the Growling Tigers reach the finals of the 2019 UAAP Season 82, earning him a spot on the Mythical Five.

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Rhenz Abando Tattoo: How Many Does He Have?

Rhenz Abando tattoo has also made headlines besides his exceptional skills and performance on the court.

Abando’s journey into tattoo artistry began with an inked design prominently visible on his right front shoulder and chest.

However, the date he engraved this ink design onto his body has not been made public online.

Tattoos are extremely personal, and the decision to have one frequently has great significance and symbolism for the person getting it.

No information has been made publicly available regarding any other tattoos Abando may have gotten throughout the years.

Rhenz Abando Tattoo
Rhenz Abando has two visible tattoos on his body. (Source: Instagram)

Looking through his social media pictures, the only tattoo visible is on his right shoulder and chest.

Being an athlete, he mainly covers his body with a long uniform and uses knee pads.

As a result, his other tattoos might not be visible if he has any. Therefore, other ink designs of him remain a mystery for his fans and admirers.

However, his publicly visible hand tattoo proves that he loves to express himself through the ink designs engraved into his flesh. Also, he has a deep love for the artworks.

His decision to get tattooed was favorably received by his fans and family, so we can now see the ink design on his body.

Rhenz Abando Tattoo Meanings And Designs

As it is already known that Rhenz Abando has two publicly visible tattoos, fans are interested to know the story behind his tattoo.

Although the specifics of this tattoo, such as its meaning and significant story, have not been publicly revealed, it is a physical reminder of his distinct personality.

The visible artwork on Abando’s body suggests the depth of his character outside of the basketball court.

Additionally, tattoos frequently have personal value and can be used as a canvas for self-expression.

Rhenz Abando Tattoo
Rhenz Abando has not disclosed the meaning of his tattoos. (Source: Facebook)

The basketball player’s right shoulder tattoo design is like a flower whose exact meaning cannot be extracted by just looking at the pictures.

However, the tattoo on his chest and the wings on the sides are a plus sign. The cross sign might indicate his love for the Christian religion, and the wings might indicate his love for freedom.

Furthermore, he has not explained the deep meanings of his tattoos, and only assumptions can be made by looking through the pictures. 

We have to extract information from reliable sources to know the exact story behind his ink designs.

Moreover, his fans eagerly await him to reveal the meanings of his tattoos and the deep story that comes with them.

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