Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video

People want to see Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video. Since Rhys Bonner’s death three years ago, the murder case has been explored. 

In July 2019, Bonner vanished from his house. His mother reported him missing, and the investigation was launched the next day.

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After two weeks of being gone, his body was discovered in the wetlands between Easterhouse and Gartloch Village.

It was inspected within a day or two after the body was discovered. According to Rhys death certificate, the cause of his passing was “unascertained.”

His mother, Stephanie Bonner, launched an investigation after being dissatisfied with the police department’s explanation, which lasted almost three years.

Let’s dive deep to see Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video.

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Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video: Justice For Rhys

Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video has been a topic of interest for people. Rhys Bonner’s death has enthralled the public for the past three years. The case piqued the interest of many people keen to learn the truth.

In July 2019, Rhys mysteriously vanished from his house. Just one day after he disappeared, his distraught mother promptly reported what had happened, and an inquiry was started.

Rhys’ body was found in the wetlands between Easterhouse and Gartloch Village two weeks after he vanished. 

Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video
Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video. (Source: TikTok)

The authorities looked into the cause of his death, but the findings were “unascertained” and inconclusive.

Stephanie Bonner started her inquiry into her son’s death after becoming dissatisfied with the Police’s lack of answers.

She has been resolved to get the truth and put the case behind her for the past three years.

Rhys Bonner Family Details 

Body Found in Rhys Bonner Murder Case Upon 3 Years. Two weeks after Bonner’s death, his body was discovered, but his mother wasn’t happy with the Police inquiry.

According to his mother, she conducted her inquiry, and the police didn’t agree with anyone in her family.

She pleaded with the Police to look into the situation before beginning her inquiry, filed roughly 26 complaints and discovered that four of them were not taken seriously by the police.

The lack of proof, according to Stephanie, may be due to errors made by some Police officers or their involvement in the case; also, they failed to mention the location of the body.

In the murder of Rhys Bonner, Two mothers think they are going through much more pain. Stephanie stated that she still didn’t know where her son’s body was found. 

Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video
Rhys Bonner family is looking for justice. (Source: Change.org)

It’s abhorrent. Every time I breathe, I long for him, and every morning I wake up and lose my son one more.

She works with PIRC and pursues justice for Rhys. After some time, the PIRC report claimed he was abusing drugs; however, his family vehemently refuted this.

Even three years after his passing, his mother still holds out hope; she is struggling, keeping her feelings to herself and insisting that she must be resilient to care for Rhys’ siblings.

What Did Donna Drummond Do?

The last person Rhys was seen with before going missing was Donna Drummond.

Drummond was captured on camera in the provanhall on Balcurive Road. They were seen entering a general location where drinking and drug abuse co-occurred.

Regarding the suspect, Drummond, nothing was done; Rhys’s family said that the police were acquainted with the suspect and had a relationship with her.

She is the lone suspect identified in the investigation; no additional suspects have been identified as of yet.

Rhys Bonner Donna Drummond Video
The discovery of Rhys Bonner’s body two weeks after his death brought no closure for his mother, Stephanie Bonner. (Source: Surprise Sports)

Bonner’s family mentioned that he was not treated well by the Police department when they found the body; his body was dragged away from the area he existed.

The audience has been requesting the first minister’s assistance in obtaining explanations for complaints and why RHYS Bonner was not handled with respect, empathy, and compassion.

The 19-year-old teenager was killed in 2019, and the news of the murder made it quite evident that the police were engaged, proving that the crime still exists.

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