Rhys Bonner Killer

Rhys Bonner’s mother offers a £2k reward to find her son’s killer, Donna Drummond.

Rhys Bonner’s death has enthralled the public for the past three years. The case piqued many eager people’s interest in learning the truth.

In July 2019, Rhys mysteriously vanished from his House. Just one day after he disappeared, his distraught mother immediately reported what had happened, and an investigation was started.

Rhys’ body was found in the marshland between Easterhouse and Gartloch Village two weeks after he vanished. The authorities looked into the cause of his death, but the findings were unclear and reported as undetermined.

Rhys’s mother was upset about the absence of evidence and that the Police had never revealed where Rhys’ body had been discovered.

Who Is Rhys Bonner Killer? Meet Donna Drummond

Rhys Bonner’s killer is Donna Drummond. Before Bonner vanished, Donna was the last person to see Rhys Bonner.

They were seen entering a location known for drug and alcohol abuse when they were caught on CCTV in Balcurive Road Provanhall.

JK rhys
Mother Stephanie Bonner, is fighting for answers over son Rhys’ death. (Source: The Scottish Sun)

The Police were familiar with Drummond and had dealt with her in the past, according to Rhys’ family. Even though she is the only suspect in the case, nothing has been done to punish her.

His mother is desperate for answers about her adolescent son’s mysterious death. She stated that she is one step closer to justice now that it has been determined that cops mishandled her complaints.

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Rhys’ family criticized the handling of the case by the Police department. They believed that his body was dragged away from the scene where it was found instead of being given the respect, empathy, and compassion it deserved.

Where Is The Suspect Donna Drummond? 

It is not known where the suspect, Donna Drummond is.

Rhys died three years ago, and the case hasn’t been solved. This raises concerns about the Police department’s involvement. The 19-year-old boy’s murder is still a topic of debate and public concern.

JK rhys bonnar
Family and friends left tributes at a spot near where tragic Rhys was found. (Source: thescottishsun)

It was discovered that Rhys’ family had been given false information about the spot where his body was discovered in marshland at Seven Lochs before being carried 800 feet on a stretcher.

Police claimed they followed standard procedure to find the teenager but blamed the error on a typo in the coordinates provided. They were instructed to review how they handled the situation.

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Stephanie also bemoaned that her family had to conduct their investigation and find crucial information about Rhys’ last whereabouts, including CCTV.

Rhys Bonner Murder Case Update

Rhys Bonner’s mother, Stephanie Bonner, was left without comfort when his body was found two weeks after passing away.

Mrs. Bonner decided to take matters into her own hands and conduct her investigation into the case after being dissatisfied with the outcomes of the Police investigation. The Police, according to Stephanie, were unhelpful and didn’t take her worries seriously.

She made 26 complaints and was disappointed to learn that the Police had dismissed four of them.

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Stephanie also suggested there might be a connection between the case and the Police force. She thought some Police officers might have erred or even been involved in the incident.

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