Richard Blais Sister

Lori Blais is the renowned chef Richard Blais sister. She is nine years younger than the chef. Like her brother, Lori is married and leads a beautiful family with her spouse.

Richard Blais is a renowned chef from Uniondale, New York. In addition to his culinary career, the New York-born chef is also known for his several television appearances.

Apart from that, Blais is also a restaurateur and author. His appearance on the cooking show Top Chef gained him significant recognition.

Talking about his personal life, The Top Chef: All-Stars winner is a family man.

He shares a close-knitted bond with his parents and siblings. In today’s article, let’s get to know Richard Blais’ sister, Lori Blais.

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Who Is Richard Blais Sister Lori Blais? Parents And Family

Lori Blais is the only sibling of the renowned chef Richard Blais. While Richard was born on 19 February 1972, his younger sister was born in 1981.

The name of their mom and dad is unknown. Also, scanty information about the Blais siblings’ parents’ profession exists.

Thus, the brother-sister duo has 9 years of age gap. While wishing a “happy birthday to Richard, his lovely sister shared a throwback picture of them and wrote about their age gap. In the picture, the celebrity chef can be seen holding little Lori.

Richard Blais Sister
Richard Blais’ sister, Lori Blais, is nine years younger than him. (Image Source: Instagram)

Alongside the precious snap, Lori wrote,

“When I tell people that my brother is nine years older than me, they are usually surprised. Here is my wonderful big brother holding me as a newborn for proof. @richardblais, Happy birthday! You’ve definitely aged well!”

The siblings often get featured in one another’s Instagram feeds. The Blais siblings share a close-knitted bond.

Moreover, Richard Blais and his sister, Lori, appeared together in the competition series Guy’s Grocery Games in 2013. In the series, the participants cooked inside a grocery store. They competed to win $20K.

Richard and Lori Blais won the competition and $20K prize money. Lori Blais’ profession is unclear, but in her social media account bio, she introduced herself as a woman, feminist, wife, mother, daughter, wannabe runner, and HR Lady.

Lori Blais Is A Married Woman With Kids

Richard Blais’ sister, Lori Blais Barraud, is a married woman with a few kids.

The younger sibling of the restaurateur often shares pictures of her spouse and child on her social media account. However, Mrs. Barraud has not disclosed the name of her beau.

Lori Blais has married her husband for  16 years and together for 21 as of 2023. The Blais-Barraud couple is also blessed with lovely kids.

Richard Blais Sister
The celebrity chef’s younger sibling, Lori Blais Barraud, with her husband. (Image Source: Instagram)

While their daughter turned fourteen this April, their son turned 10 in May this year. Lori is leading a happy family with her husband and children.

While scrolling through Lori’s IG account, we can see the picture-perfect family shares a solid bond and spends much quality time together.

Like his younger sibling, the cookbook author is also a married man with a few children. Richard Blais has been married to his wife, Jazmin Blais, since 8 April 2006.

Richard and Jazmin are proud parents to their daughters – Riley Blais and Emory Blais. Riley Blais is the chef’s first child. Jazmin gave birth to Riley on 29 May 2008. She weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces, measuring 21 inches long.

Emory Blais joined the family later as the youngest member.

Nonetheless, Richard Blais and his younger sister, Lori Blais, share a close connection with one another.

The chef’s sibling appears to be living her life to the fullest. We wish the brother-sister duo more prosperity and joy in the coming days. 

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