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People are curious whether Richard Sherman will Retire from the NFL. Does this mean the player has a new job now? Let’s find out.  

Sherman is easily one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. Likewise, he was the focal point behind the success of the Seattle Seahawks in the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

The player used to play for the Seattle Seahawks and had a lot of achievements from the team. Likewise, Sherman has played at least 11 seasons in the NFL.

In his entire NFL career, he won First-team All-Pro titles three times. Also, he is a two-time Second-team pro.

Likewise, the player has won the Pro Bowl championship title five times. Besides, Sherman was the NFL interception Leader in 2013.

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Richard Sherman Retire: Did He Quit After His Arrest?

One of the best NFL cornerbacks, Richard Sherman, is planning to retire from football. However, Sherman is excited about beginning a new chapter in his life.

Likewise, Sherman has never called it quits on the NFL after achieving so much in football. The former NFL player is a free agent, recently.

Hence, he has no team to play for this season. But, Sherman accepted a job offered by Amazon Prime to serve as their studio host for Thursday Night Game.

NFL player Richard Sherman show Amazon Prime
NFL player Richard Sherman is hosting the Amazon Prime show. (Source: Marca)

Although he won’t compete in the game, he will certainly cover angles. Likewise, Sherman might give an unbiased review to the Prime viewers about the league.

As of now, the player is dedicated to his job with Amazon. Sherman doesn’t want to waste his excellent opportunity to stay close to the NFL.

Moreover, the player has confirmed that he would be willing to sign the offer if any team wants him by late December.

Strictly speaking, Sherman has never quit practicing football and is still trying hard to stay in shape for the game. He looks forward to returning to the league after Week 17 and is considering returns when the TNF ends.

What Happened To Richard Sherman?

Former Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was arrested in July 2021 for two misdemeanor charges. Sherman pleaded guilty in March 2022. Likewise, he was taken into custody during the 2021 season.

NFL player Richard was found guilty of first-degree negligent driving and second-degree criminal trespass, which comes under non-domestic violence.

NFL player Richard Sherman arrest
NFL player Richard Sherman was arrested on 14 July for violating road rules. (Source: Marca)

Moreover, he pleaded guilty to an infraction for speeding in a roadway construction zone. King County Superior Court heard his July case.

Sherman crashed his car (SUV) into a construction zone, damaging the properties significantly. He fled the scene and attempted to mishap his in-laws’ House.

The former San Francisco 49ers cornerback was seen acting on the surveillance system. Sherman was arrested on 14 July.

According to the concerned authorities, Sherman had been heavily drunk and spoke of ending his life. The player’s wife, Ashley Sherman, reached out to 911 after she failed to stop him from crashing the SUV along Highway 520.

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Exciting Facts About Richard Sherman

Here are some quick facts about the NFL cornerback Richard Sherman.

  • Richard has featured in at least three Super Bowl games in his career so far. He played for Seattle Seahawks in the 2014 and 2015 Super Bowls.
  • Sherman made it to the PFWA All-Rookie Team in his initial career.

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