Let’s Check The Richest Wrestlers Of All Time!!

Wrestling is considered the world’s oldest competitive sport.

Everyone, I suppose, likes or has loved wrestling at some point in their lives.

Even though people claim it’s all a ruse and a set-up, they are unrivaled in terms of the quantity of entertainment they provide.

And, of course, which of the shows we watch are “real”?

Likewise, wrestling also incorporates elements of nearly every other form of entertainment.

Professional wrestlers have not been on the list of “richest” before, but since the 1980s, things have changed.

So, here is the list of 20 Richest Wrestlers In The World of All Time

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Rank Name Net Worth
1. Vince McMahon $1.6 billion
2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson $400 million
3. Stephanie McMahon $150 million
4. Triple H $150 million
5. John Cena $60 million
6. Steve Austin $30 million
7. Hulk Hogan $25 million
8. Kurt Angle $25 million
9. Stacy Keibler $25 million
10. Bella Twins $20 million
11. Chris Jericho $18 million
12. The Undertaker $17 million
13. Shawn Michaels $17 million
14. Big Show $16 million
15. Bill Goldberg $16 million
16. David Bautista $16 million
17. Jeff Jarrett $15 million
18. Edge $14 million
19. Maryse Ouellet $14 million
20. Mick Foley $14 million

Richest Wrestlers In The World

The following list of wrestlers and their information has been compiled from trusted sources such as Wikipedia and celebritynetworth.com.

20. Mick Foley

Net Worth: $14 million

Mick is a retired professional wrestler from the United States with an estimated Net Worth of $14 million.

Foley had three different identities in his WWE career, i.e., Dude Love, Mankind, and Cactus Jack.

Throughout his career, he has won three WWF championships and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

mick foley Lays smackdown on comedy
Mick Foley (Source: San Antonio Current)

Besides, he’s been engaged in a variety of activities upon his retirement. Foley is a voice author, comedian, and actor who has appeared in several films and television shows.

Likewise, Mick is currently a color commentator for WWE and has also signed a contract with the company.

19. Maryse Ouellet

Net Worth: $14 million

After winning the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada pageant in 2003, Maryse Ouellet gained notoriety by joining World Wrestling Entertainment.

Today, Ouellet is considered to be one of the richest wrestlers in the world, with a Net Worth of $14 million.

Furthermore, she has excelled in every profession she has entered, including acting, modeling, and business.

Likewise, she also has clothes and jewelry line as well as a reality program called Miz & Mrs.

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18. Edge

Net Worth: $14 million

Adam Joseph Copeland, better known by his ring moniker The Edge, is a former professional wrestler and Canadian actor.

Edge has a total of 31 WWE titles to his credit.

Aside from wrestling, Adam Copeland has performed in several films and featured in various television series.

Moreover, Edge retired from wrestling in 2011 due to neck injuries. He was also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the following year.

Therefore, Edge has a Net Worth of $14 million, making him the 18th richest wrestler in the world.

17. Jeff Jarrett

Net Worth: $15 million

Jeff Jarrett is a professional wrestler and promoter from the United States. With a Net Worth of $15 million, Jeff ranks 17th on our list of the richest wrestlers in the world.

He debuted as a wrestler in 1986. Moreover, in 2002, he and his father Jerry also established Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Jeff Jarrett Richest Wrestler In The World
Jeff Jarrett  (Source: IMDB)

Likewise, throughout his professional career, Jeff Jarrett has won 81 championships. He’s also a three-time winner of the prestigious USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship.

Jarrett now works as a backstage producer and sometimes on-air performer for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

16. David Bautista

Net Worth: $16 million

Dave is an actor, MMA fighter, and pro wrestler from the United States. Bautista debuted in the ring in 1999.

Likewise, he has won the World Heavyweight Championship four times.

Bautista’s wrestling pay was about $813,000 per year in 2004. By the time he quit wrestling in 2013, he had amassed a fortune of over a million dollars.

Besides, as an actor, Bautista’s well-known starring role was as “Drax” in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Thus, David Bautista ranks 16th on our list of the richest wrestler in the world.

15. Bill Goldberg

Net Worth: $16 million

Bill Goldberg (born William Scott Goldberg) is an American professional wrestler, actor, and former football player.

Goldberg is one of only three guys to have both WWE and WCW world championships.

Similarly, with 173 victories, he also holds the record for the longest unbeaten streak in professional wrestling.

He has appeared in several films in addition to wrestling. With the film “Universal Soldier: The Return,” he made his acting debut in 1999.

Thus, Bill Goldberg has a Net Worth of $16 million, making him the 15th richest wrestler of all time.

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14. Big Show

Net Worth: $16 million

Paul Donald Wight II, better known by his ring as The Big Show, is a professional wrestler and actor who is presently contracted to WWE’s SmackDown brand.

Furthermore, the professional wrestler from the United States has won several tournaments and championships, which includes the World Heavyweight Championship of the WWF/WWE.

Likewise, Paul’s primary two-decade career as a professional wrestler provided him with the most of his money.

Paul Wight made his Hollywood debut in 1996 and has featured in several movies, including Jingle All the Way and The Water Boy.

Therefore,  he has a Net Worth of $16 million, making him one of the wealthiest wrestlers in the world.

13. Shawn Michaels

Net Worth: $17 million

Michael Shawn is an actor and a former professional wrestler from the United States who has a Net Worth of $17 million.

He made the most of his money throughout his almost 30-year career as a professional wrestler.

Richest Wrestlers Of All Time Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania
Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Moreover, every appearance netted him thousands of dollars.

Michaels also has a long list of accomplishments, including eleven Slammy Awards and four World Championships.

Thus, despite his retirement, he continues to make a sizable income from his role as WWE Ambassador.

12. The Undertaker

Net Worth: $17 million

With a Net Worth of $17 million, The Undertaker is one of the most famous of all time.

His real name is “Mark William Calaway,” and he is a retired professional wrestler. Calaway began his professional wrestling career in 1984, working for World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) and other companies.

Likewise, The Undertaker has won 17 championships throughout the course of his career.

And, following his retirement, he continued to work in television series and films.

Moreover, Calaway made his cinematic debut as Hutch in “Suburban Commando” in 1991.

11. Chris Jericho

Net Worth: $18 million

Christopher Keith Irvine, the American-Canadian professional wrestler, and musician is popularly known by the ring name Chris Jericho.

He was the first-ever Undisputed WWF Champion during his tenure with WWE.

Similarly, he is most known for his WWE career, where he was a six-time World Champion and a nine-time Intercontinental Champion.

Besides, Chris Jericho is also the lead singer of Fozzy, a heavy metal band.

Furthermore, Chris Jericho’s estimated Net Worth is $18 million.

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10. Bella Twins

Net Worth: $20 million

The Bella Twins are professional wrestlers and models from the United States. They are the richest wrestlers of all time, with a combined Net Worth of $20 million.

Nikki and Brie, dubbed “The Bella Twins,” made their Florida Championship Wrestling debut in 2007. They were well-known for competing in tag team battles shortly after that.

Aside from that, they’ve started various businesses throughout the years, including wine labels, clothing brands, and beauty, and cosmetic lines.

Furthermore, for their contribution to the women’s division, they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

9. Stacy Keibler

Net Worth: $25 million

Stacy Keibler is a former professional wrestler, as well as an actress and model. Stacy Keibler gained fame as a Nitro Girl initially and later in the now-defunct WCW promotion as Miss Hancock.

Keibler played David Flair’s love interest throughout her time in WCW. Outside of the squared circle, though, Stacy Keibler is recognized for a range of performances.

Richest Wrestlers Of All Time Stacy Keibler at Slim Fast Fashion Show 16
Stacy Keibler at Slim-Fast Fashion Show (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Since his departure from WWE in July 2006, she has only made infrequent appearances.

For example, she had a cameo appearance on the WWE reality show ‘Tough Enough‘ in 2011.

Therefore, her career as a professional wrestler has brought her much of her wealth, and today her Net Worth is estimated to be $25 million.

8. Kurt Angle

Net Worth: $25 million

Kurt Angle is an American actor and former professional wrestler who has won an Olympic gold medal. He now works as a backstage producer for WWE.

Similarly, Kurt Angle won gold medals in freestyle wrestling in both 1995 and 1996.

Following his successful career, he purchased a home in 2002 for an estimated price of $649,900.

Today, Kurt Angle’s monthly pay is estimated to be over $350,000, according to reports.

Therefore, Kurt Angle’s Net Worth is estimated to be $25 million, making him the eighth richest wrestler of all time.

7. Hulk Hogan (Terry Gene Bollea)

Net Worth: $25 million

Terry Gene Bollea is better known as Hulk Hogan. He is a retired professional wrestler, actor, TV presenter, entrepreneur, and singer from the United States.

During the 1980s, Hogan was a top-ranked wrestler. During the height of his career in the 1990s, Hulk also admitted to spending “hundreds of millions” on a luxurious lifestyle.

Apart from that, Hulk Hogan’s acting career has played a significant role in his success.

Therefore, with a Net Worth of $25 million, Hulk Hogan ranks 7th on the list of the richest wrestler of all time.

6. Steve Austin

Net Worth: $30 million

Steve is also popularly known as  “Stone Cold Steve Austin.” He is a retired professional wrestler, producer, actor, and television personality from the United States.

Likewise, Steve Austin is the only WWE superstar to have won the Royal Rumble match three times.

Between 1999 and 2003, when he worked for the WWF/WWE, Steve Austin was compensated in the range of $5 to $12 million.

In addition, Steve has appeared in several successful movies, including The Longest Yard, Stranger, and The Package.

Therefore, Steve Austin is one of the richest wrestlers of all time, with a Net Worth of $30 million.

5. John Cena

Net Worth: $60 million

John Cena is a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, rapper, and actor from the United States.

In 2000, he began wrestling professionally and has had a long and fruitful career since then. Likewise, John Cena rose to prominence as a pro wrestler for the WWE.

Richest Wrestlers Of All Time John Cena Richest Wrestler of All Time
John Cena Richest Wrestler of All Time (Source: WWE)

Moreover, he’s also now an A-list actor and TV host. John Cena has featured in various successful projects as an actor, including Daddy’s Home, Trainwreck, The Marine, and Blockers, among others.

Therefore, Jonh Cena is the fifth richest wrestler in the world with a Net Worth of $60 million.

4. Triple H

Net Worth: $150 million

Triple H, an American professional wrestler and actor, is the fourth richest wrestler of all time with a Net Worth of $150 million.

He is the originator of NXT and the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for WWE.

Triple H is also a WWE stockholder, with a stake worth millions of dollars.

Furthermore, he has starred in several successful productions as an actor, including The Chaperon, Inside Out, and Blade: Trinity.

3. Stephanie McMahon

Net Worth: $150 million

Stephanie McMahon is an American businesswoman and former WWE valet. She has spent more than two decades in WWE and has had a tremendous career.

In addition to all of this, she owns 2.5% of the entire shares of WWE. She is also paid $2.2 million for her role as a Chief Brand Officer (CBO).

Besides, Cable magazine has honored her four times as one of the Most Powerful Women in Cable.

Thus, Stephanie Mcmahon is the third richest wrestler of all time, with a Net Worth of $150 million.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

 Net Worth: $400 million

Dwayne Johnson, better known by his stage name “The Rock,” is a former professional wrestler and actor from the United States. He is the second richest wrestler in the world, with a Net Worth of $ 400 million.

Outside of the ring, he went as Dwayne Johnson, abandoning the stage moniker and launching a successful acting career.

Likewise, he has starred in several well-known films, including The Mummy Returns, Tooth Fairy, The Fast and the Furious, and Jumanji.

Therefore, he is currently the highest-paid actor in the world, with his films grossing over $3.5 billion in North America alone.

1. Vince McMahon

Net Worth: $1.6 billion

Vince McMahon is a third-generation professional wrestler and promoter. He is the chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Vince controls around 57% of WWE shares. He is a commentator, a film producer, and a screenwriter, in addition to being a CEO.

Richest Wrestlers Of All Time Vince McMahon Richest Wrestler In The World
Vince McMahon Richest Wrestler In The World (Source: Twitter)

As a result of his ever-expanding company, he now owns $40 million worth of houses.

Besides, McMahon has also contributed to several Republican initiatives. He made a $5 million contribution to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

Likewise, Vince also gave to Sacred Heart University, The Fishburne Military School, and East Carolina University $8 million in donations.

Therefore, Vince McMahon is the richest wrestler of all time, with a Net Worth of $1.6 billion.

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