Rick Lagina is not married till now. His brother, Marty Lagina, however, is married to Margaret Olivia. 

Rick and his younger brother, Marty, are the treasure hunters featured in The Curse of Oak Island series.

The elder Lagina brother is the main driving force behind the project.

He is a retired postal worker who started treasure hunting as a childhood dream with his brother Marty.

He was fascinated by an article about the Oak Island money pit from an early age, having read about it at seven in the January 1965 edition of Reader’s digest.

Growing up, the Lagina brothers were intrigued by the Oak Island mystery. So in 2004, the two purchased most of the island.

Who Is Rick Lagina Wife Margaret Olivia?

Rick Lagina is not married and does not have a wife. However, Margaret Olivia is the wife of his younger brother, Marty Lagina.

There has been a massive interest in Rick Lagina wife among The Curse of Oak Island fans. However, he has never spoken about his romantic life in the show.

rick lagina wife
Rick Lagina of Oak Island is currently unmarried. (Source: Medium)

Rick is presently 70 years old and turns 71 on January 25. This kept netizens wondering whether Lagina was unmarried.

Many fans believed that Lagina might have been divorced from his wife. However, after researching the Laginas for a while, it seems Rick was never married.

He focused his whole life on his career and dedicated much of his time to searching for the treasure of Oak Island.

Rick’s younger brother, Marty Lagina, is married to Margaret Olivia Lagina. The couple is the parents of two kids: Alex and Maddie Lagina.

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More About Rick Lagina

Rick Lagina was born to George and Anna Lagina on January 25, 1952, in Northern Michigan.

Though not much about his early life has been revealed, it is known that he worked for the US postal service for several years.

He is now retired and spends most of his time solving the mystery of Oak Island and finding its treasures alongside his brother Marty.

Rick believes someone made great efforts to hide something of incredible value years ago on Oak Island.

Rick Lagina started treasure hunting in Oak Island following his retirement. (Source: History Channel)

The team of Rick and Marty have discovered several clues of treasure in Oak Island since they started the treasure hunt in 2006.

The Lagina brothers are pretty famous and relatable among television viewers as they impersonate the treasure hunter in us. 

They have appeared in several television interviews, including with Stephen Colbert.

Is Rick Lagina Ill?

In a December 2017 episode of The Curse of Oak Island, it was revealed that Rick Lagina had caught Lyme disease.

The bite of infected black-legged ticks causes the disease. Symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, & a characteristic skin rash.

The crew suspected Lagina got the disease while filming the show in Oak Island’s swamp and jungle area.

Luckily, the elder Lagina was persuaded by his younger brother to see a doctor, and he got treated.

Rick and Marty Lagina are our favorite treasure hunters. (Source: QFM96)

Since their early childhood, the Lagina brothers have been intrigued by the treasure of Oak Island, located on the shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. 

In the early 2000s, they finally lived their dream and bought a significant share of the island. They have gone on numerous excursions to the mysterious island.

Their journey and the treasure hunting can be seen in the History Channel series, The Curse of Oak Island.

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