Rick Steiner Son

Rick Steiner son, Bron Breakker, is a professional wrestler and former American football player. Explore more about Bron and his girlfriend. 

Rick is a retired professional wrestler best known for his time in World Championship and World Wrestling Federation. 

Steiner started his wrestling career in the late 1980s, teaming up with his brother Scott Steiner to form the tag team The Steiner Brothers.

They quickly became one of the top tag teams in the industry, winning numerous championships in both WCW and WWF.

Throughout his career, Steiner was known for his strength, athleticism, and signature move, the Steiner Screwdriver. So, his son has also been recognized for his talent and style. 

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Rick Steiner Son: Bron Breakker Real Name

Bron is a professional wrestler currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment.

His real name is Bronson Rechsteiner, and he is the son of former WCW and WWE wrestler Rick Steiner and nephew of former WWE wrestler Scott Steiner.

Breakker made his wrestling debut in 2019 for the independent promotion, Pro Wrestling 2.0, based in Florida.

In August 2021, he signed a developmental contract with WWE and has assigned to its developmental brand, NXT.

Rick Steiner expressed his surprise and confusion to his son, Bron Breakker.
Rick Steiner expressed his surprise and confusion to his son, Bron Breakker. (Image Source: Wrestling Headlines)

Breakker made his NXT debut on the September 14, 2021, episode, defeating LA Knight in his first match.

His fans have known him for his impressive size, athleticism, and intensity in the ring. Many fans have compared him to his father and uncle, both of whom were successful wrestlers in their own right.

As of April 2023, Breakker is still signed to WWE and considered one of NXT’s rising stars.

Meet Bron Breakker Girlfriend Cora Jade

Bron and Cora Jade are in a romantic relationship outside their professional wrestling careers. His girlfriend Cora confirmed dating in 2022. 

They are both rising stars in WWE’s NXT brand and are known for their talent in WWE. 

Cora Jade confirms that she and Bron Breakker were friends at first while training at the WWE Performance Center. They began dating a few months ago during the summer.

Bron Breakker has been in a relationship with NXT wrestler Cora Jade since 2022.
Bron Breakker has been in a relationship with NXT wrestler Cora Jade since 2022. (Image Source: SportsLumo)

Jade praises Breakker, stating that he is eager to learn and improve and has been absorbing information like a sponge. She believes that with his progress, he will only continue to improve in the ring.

Bron and Cora appear to have a strong bond and connection outside their wrestling careers. They share pictures of themselves on social media, showcasing their relationship and time spent outside wrestling.

Many people view them as a perfect couple, as they share similar interests and seem to support each other’s goals and aspirations.

Bron Breakker Net Worth 2024

According to the source, Breakker’s net worth is $3 million, and his basic salary is $150,000. Breakker is a highly regarded wrestler in NXT and is among the top earners on the roster. 

Breakker’s primary source of income would come from his wrestling contract with WWE, which includes his base salary and any bonuses or incentives he may receive for his performances and merchandise sales.

Also, he may earn money from other sources, such as endorsement deals, sponsorships, and appearances at wrestling events or conventions.

His father and uncle are proud of his accomplishments in the industry, as they both had successful wrestling careers. 

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