Ricky Hatton Weight Loss

British former boxer Ricky Hatton is conscious about his fitness health and has recently lost more than 50 lbs of his weight.

Hatton was in the ring from 1997 to 2012 and worked as a boxing promoter and trainer. Why did he retire earlier? How is his health now? Audiences are eager to know what exactly happened to him.

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Ricky is multiple world championships at light welterweight and one at welterweight and is ranked as the eleventh greatest European fighter of all time.

Ricky Hatton Weight Loss Before And After

The weight loss of Ricky Hatton got noticeable as he weighed 50lbs less than what he was in the previous year. The boxer was 210 lbs in November 2021 and reduced his weight to 159lbs in just under a year.

Ricky Hatton Wight loss
Ricky Hatton’s physique before and after weight loss (Source: Instagram)

The forty-four-year Hatton expects his weight loss to be a courageous step for others and inspires them to do the same.

However, he is just 13 lbs heavier than he weighed in from his last professional fight in 2012. Now, “The Hitman” has returned to the ring, seems to rejuvenate himself, and smashed the show.

Recently, Ricky was seen showing off his six-pack during the weigh-in for his professional fight after almost a decade. 

Last Saturday, he returned to the ring in Manchester to fight for the final time as a professional. The boxer was against Marco Antonio, and no winner was announced.

At ringside, where the competent showed flashes of their talent from the good old days, the eight rounds of the fight were not counted.

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Details To Ricky Hatton Illness

Ricky Hatton has opened up about his mental illness and struggles to get rid of it. Sadly, he also attempted suicide and used to cry all day in mental health battle.

Ricky Hatton Wight Loss
Ricky Hatton at a recent press conference about fight night (Source: Instagram)

Talking with podcaster James English, the boxer said, “Sometimes I’d go weeks without seeing me mates, weeks without seeing me, mates.”

This stuff started when he got defeated by Floyd Mayweather and thought of him, letting everyone down. 

The illness increased when he had a second defeat against Manny Pacquiao two years after his first defeat.

Though Ricky seemed ok and happy around others, he used to cry all day and night.

Ricky Hatton Health Update 

Ricky Hatton’s health has upgraded, and he is in a happy and better place now. By fighting against depression, he has made himself more substantial than before.

Ricky Hatton Weight Loss
Ricky Hatton on 10 x 2s round robin spar (Source: Instagram)

Surprisingly, the person with mental illness has become a spokesperson for the Tackling Minds mental health organization. Likewise, he has trained Nathan Gorman, Zhanat Zhakiyanov, and Irish champion Paul Upton. 

Instead, his comeback the boxing is the pioneer for upgrading his mental health. Talking about his comeback, he said, “I made a comeback several years ago, and I think my best day as a fighter is behind me.”

The boxer’s health worsened when he lost his family due to his mental health during Covid. 

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