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Varsha Kej is Ricky Kej wife. The smitten duo has been married since 2014. Take a look at how it all began for the pair.

Ricky Kej is one of the most accomplished musicians in India. The time Grammy-winning composer is also an environmentalist.

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He has performed worldwide, including in New York and Geneva. Since his debut in the music industry in 2000, the Indian composer has won the hearts of millions of people.

The musician also serves as a National Institute of Advanced Studies professor. Kej believes that every piece of music is his reflection.

Following his third Grammy win, the musical composer came into the spotlight. Thus, let’s get to know Ricky Kej’s wife in today’s short piece.

Who Is Ricky Kej Wife, Varsha Kej?

The Indian musical composer Ricky Kej shares a blissful marital life with his wife, Varsha Kej. The Kej couple tied the knot in 2014.

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The composer took to Facebook to announce their marriage. Soon after his marriage, the Grammy award winner updated his status to “married to Varsha Kej.”

Ricky Kej wife
Ricky Kej and his wife, Varsha Kej, have been married for nine years. (Image Source: Ritz Magazine)

Since then, the married duo has been leading their life merrily. Ricky’s better half occasionally appears with him at public functions.

It has been reported that Ricky and his wife have different choices and preferences. Despite the differences, the smitten pair have been together for almost a decade.

The talented musician even became non-vegetarian after meeting his lady love.

In 2014, Varsha worked with her hubby at their home studio. Before that, she worked as an assistant VP of an advertising and PR firm. She also worked on Zee Group.

She reportedly quit her job in January to work with Ricky and handle his public relations. Ricky and his wife first met in 2006, but nothing happened between them.

During their re-connection in 2013, the adorable pair seemed to have fallen for one another. 

Moreover, Varsha Kej hails from a Kannadiga Gowda family. They united without any parental opposition. But many people questioned if they were sure about their bond.

Grammy Winner Family

Born on 5 August 1981, Ricky Kej is the son of Gyan Kej and Pammi Kej. While his mother is Punjabi, his Father is Marwari.

Ricky Kej Wife
The Composer Kej is half Punjabi and half Marwari by birth. (Image Source: Facebook)

 Kej relocated to Banglore, India when he was eight years old and settled there. After completing his formal education at the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, he graduated with a degree in dentistry from the Oxford Dental College in the same city.

However, the Dentistry graduate decided to pursue a career in music. The musician’s Father (a physician) and mother opposed his decision.

Later in an interview, his mom once opined that he has artist genes, which he inherited from his grandfather, Janaki Das. Janaki Das was an Actor, Olympic cyclist and freedom fighter.

Kej once admitted that his decision to pursue his career in the music industry was not easy for his parents to accept.

Ricky Kej Net Worth

Ricky Kej ventured into the musical world over two decades ago. Although the beginning was difficult, he has accomplished an enviable career.

Thus, the composer must have garnered a considerable amount of fortune. The musician created history by winning his third Grammy award for his “Surround Sound Album.”

As reported AmbitionBoy, an Indian musical composer earns ₹ three lacks per annum ($322K) as an average annual salary. But, given Mr. Kej’s standing in the field, he must make more money than that.

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