Ricky Reel Death

Detectives will reexamine a student’s ***** whose body was discovered in the River Thames 25 years ago.

The central inquiries specialist casework team of the Met Police announced on Tuesday that it was reexamining the case and focusing on particular lines of inquiry from the initial investigation.

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Ricky Reel’s mother Sukhdev Reel has been informed that the police will now examine her son’s case with “fresh eyes” after spending a 25th Christmas without him.

According to a force spokesman, those lines of inquiry are being pursued with new eyes and the benefit of contemporary technology to give Ricky’s family answers.

Sukhdev Reel, his mother, and other members of Mr. Reel’s family have fought for answers for years. Sukhdev Reel thinks her son was the victim of a racist ******. The Police issued another appeal on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Ricky’s passing.

Ricky Reel *****: What Happened To Him?

A week after going missing on October 15, 1997, while out on the town in south-west London’s Kingston upon Thames, 20-year-old Ricky Reel was discovered dead.

Two white teenagers attacked Mr. Reel and his friends, a group of young Asian men, the night before he vanished. According to the Met Police, the investigation would be reevaluated to consider all options. Mr. Reel vanished as his friends fought the two assailants off.

Ricky’s parents have endured a protracted, difficult journey. His mother claims that a racist ****** took place in the British town of Kingston-Upon-Thames in 1997, taking her son Ricky Reel’s life.

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The family begged the local Police to look into the case further, but they chose not to dismiss it as an accident.

Meet His Mother Sukhdev And Father Sukhdev Reel

Ricky Reel was born to his mother, Sukhdev Reel and father Balwant Reel. In the case investigation, they accused the Police of numerous mistakes.

After learning in 2014 that Police had gathered intelligence on her during her Campaign for answers about her son’s *****, Mrs. Reel claimed they had spied on her because of her race.

Ricky Mother
Ricky Reel’s mother, Sukhdev Reel, has spent years campaigning. (Source: bbc.com)

Police claimed there was no proof that officers had singled out Campaign participants’ families or the Campaign itself.

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Mrs. Reel expressed her hope that the Met Police would finally approach this case with an open mind and make every effort to secure justice for my son under the new direction of Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley.

What Assumption Did Police Make About Ricky’s *****?

Police concluded that Ricky must have drowned after accidentally falling into the Thames while attempting to urinate.

However, it was later revealed at the inquest that neither the scene nor Ricky’s clothes had yielded any forensic evidence.

Officer 1
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley met with Ricky Reel’s family in January. (Source: mirror.co.uk)

The open buttons on Ricky’s jeans led the Police to believe that he had fallen in a while urinating. However, family members and experts testified at the inquest that Ricky feared open water and that it was typical for clothing to open and become loose in the water.

The Police failed to gather crucial CCTV promptly or contact potential witnesses until months after Ricky’s *****, the inquest heard, preventing them from uncovering any vital clues.

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Due to Ricky’s race, Mrs. Reel has maintained Police did not take the case seriously and did not gather important evidence.

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