Ricky Rivero

Ricky Rivero Weight Loss: Following the death of the actor-director, fans and followers have been asking for details about his health issues which have been shared here.

Ricky Rivero was a notable actor and director from the Philippines who worked in the film industry for a long time. During his professional career, Rivero worked in many movies and tv series.

Some of his hit projects include Mula sa Puso, Pinoy Big Brother, Iska, The Gifted, Moron 5 and the Crying Lady, Who’s That Girl? and Hating kapatid.

Furthermore, Rivero was loved by many people, and he had a good relationship too. Currently, everyone is mourning the loss, as Ricky’s death was confirmed recently.

Following the death of the actor, multiple questions about him have risen on the internet, and fans want to know about Rivero’s health issues.

Ricky Rivero Weight Loss Journey Explored

After the death of Ricky Rivero, people have been eager to know about his weight loss. At the time of this death, Rivero seems to have lost some weight. 

Exploring his images from the past, it was clear that Rivero had lost weight, but he never said anything about the matter to the media.

Apart from that, Rivero has faced various challenges in his life, and due to multiple things, it can be said that the actor may have lost some weight.

Ricky Rivero Weight Loss
Ricky Rivero posted a photo on his Instagram handle. (Source: Instagram)

Well-wishers of Rivero have also been asking for the before and after photos of the late actor, but none of the outlets have given those images yet.

According to PEP, his remains are set to be buried at the Loyola Memorial Chapels in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

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Did Ricky Rivero Die Of Heart Attack?

Ricky Rivero actual death cause has not been shared yet, but many are saying that he had a heart attack. On the other side, Rivero reportedly suffered a stroke in May 2023 and was admitted to the Philippine Heart Center.

More details regarding his death cause are yet to get updated. Apart from that, Rivero previously had some issues with his health.

Ricky Rivero Heart Attack
Ricky Rivero suffered a heart attack in 2015 while in Tagaytay and the news was shared by his friend Rachel Alejandro. (Source: Instagram)

In August 2015, Rivero suffered a heart attack while in Tagaytay. The news was confirmed by his good friend Rachel Alejandro. 

It was reported that the heart attack was brought about by over-fatigue because Ricky had been very busy with work. After the news was shared, many of his fans and followers prayed for a speedy recovery.

Ricky Rivero Illness and Health Issues

Ricky Rivero seems to have battled with an illness, but there is no information available on the internet. As stated earlier, Rivero passed away at the age of 51.

In May 2023, Rivero suffered from a stroke and was hospitalized. Due to the stroke, his health may have deteriorated. Apart from that, there is no other information regarding Rivero’s health issues.

Ricky Rivero Illness
Ricky Rivero passed away at the age of 51, and he suffered a stroke in May 2023. (Source: Instagram)

Fans are eager to know more, but the family is mourning the loss, and they may give some updates in the future. On the other side, Rivero made headlines in 2011 when he was stabbed.

During that time, the actor was stabbed in his own place. Reportedly, Rivero was stabbed 17 times but survived by driving himself to a hospital. 

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