Riley Fox was Murdred at the age of 3

Riley Fox Siblings is making a huge headline on the internet lately. Riley was a 3-year-old girl who was murdered in 2006. Everything on her brother Tyler. 

Riley Fox’s murder case was one of the biggest news headlines in 2006. The incident was the talk of the town back then.

The young and beautiful soul was just three years old when she left behind her family. Fox’s father was initially accused of the murder and charged based on a forced confession. 

However, after eight months, Mr. Kevin was freed from the charges when the DNA test proved that someone else had committed the crime. 

Fox’s murder is one of the suspicious murders. In June 2006, Riley went missing from her grandparent’s home at night, and later that day, her body was discovered in a public park located a few miles away from Wilmington. 

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How Many Siblings Does Riley Fox Had?

Riley Fox siblings is one of the most searched topics on the internet. It has been said that she just had a brother named Tyler Fox. According to an online report, Riley was younger than Tyler.

Furthermore, Tyler was a key figure in the Riley case as he was the one who discovered that his sister was missing on the morning of June 6, 2004.

Riley Fox siblings
Riley Fox with her brother Tyler Fox; the old picture of the siblings is all over the internet. (Source: CBS News)

His actions and the information he provided also played a role in the initial investigation into Riley’s disappearance.

Not only that but the subsequent events that unfolded as authorities worked to solve the case.

Moreover, the images of Riley and Tyler can also be found on various social media platforms as many sources have posted them.

All About Riley Fox Brother Tyler Wikipedia

Tyler Fox’s childhood was filled with joy and innocence until a single heart-wrenching event shattered his world. Not to mention, his sister’s case has also been featured on Wikipedia.

On June 6, 2004, Tyler was the first to realize Riley was missing. The day before, he and Riley had stayed with their grandmother while their parents were in Chicago.

Tyler Fox wikipedia
Tyler Fox hasn’t been featured on the wikipeida so far. (Source: CBS News)

That night, their dad, Kevin, returned late and brought the kids home around 1 a.m. Meanwhile, Tyler and Riley slept in the living room while their dad went to his room to rest.

Early on June 6, 2004, Tyler woke up and discovered his sister was gone. He told his dad, setting off a frantic search for Riley that would end in tragedy.

Further, the name of Tyler got into the limelight when the news of Riley’s killing was shared on June 6, 2004.

Tyler Fox Age: How Old Is He?

Tyler Fox age remains a mysterious topic to the media as there are no more facts about his birth date. However, it has been said that Tyler is older than Riley.

It appears that the siblings had a good bond. Sadly, the family faced a tragic moment when Riley was killed on June 6, 2004.

Riley Fox age
The picture of Riley Fox with her parents and brother. (Source: ABC News)

Another member was added to the Fox family when Kevin and Melissa welcomed a daughter named Teagan in 2006. Later, Kevin and Melissa had some issues in their relationship.

After their parents separated, Tyler and his sister Teagan lived with their mother. Moreover, Tyler’s current status is unknown, as he values his privacy and stays out of the public eye.

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