Risen Kush

Risen Kush leaked video has gone viral on various social media platforms. Find out more about his scandal in this article.

Risen Kush is a well-known social media personality who has a massive fan base on his social media handles. He is active on TikTok as @risenkush, where Kush has amassed more than 440k followers.

In addition to that, Kush has also gained more than 48k followers on his Instagram handle, from where he showcases his daily life and events.

Furthermore, Kush is also a commercial model who has worked with various brands. Exploring his Instagram posts, it can be said that he has collaborated with some brands.

Kush has been making headlines on the internet for the past few days as his private video reportedly got leaked.

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Risen Kush Leaked Video On Telegram

Risen Kush leaked video is trending on various social media handles, and the viral tape has been making rounds for the past few days.

In the viral video, Kush was said to have been caught having an intimate moment with his girlfriend.

According to an online report, the video of Risen was first posted on Telegram and later shared on other social media platforms.

Risen Kush Leaked Video
Risen Kush leaked video is making rounds on various social media platforms including Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

After that, Risen has been pulled into the controversy. Many accounts on Twitter have already made news about the viral clip of Risen.

On the other hand, some people have posted fake videos. Considering them, it can be said that they shared the clip to get views on their post.

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What Is Risen Kush Video All About?

Risen Kush viral video has become a hot topic on the internet as the viral video is all about Kush’s explicit moment with his girlfriend, Ajiswag Nabukenya.

As said earlier, an explicit video has been shared heavily on the media, so Risen’s name has been making headlines.

Risen Kush Video
Risen Kush has been the talk of the town due to his viral video which was first shared on Telegram groups. (Source: Instagram)

An online source has claimed that Risen and his girlfriend were reportedly having an intimate moment, and later, the video was leaked on Telegram groups.

Later, it began circulating on other sources. Meanwhile, many portals have also made fake news about the viral clip, which has confused everyone.

Has Risen Kush Responded To Viral Video?

No, Risen Kush has not responded to his viral video. Some people on the internet have claimed that the viral video of Risen may be fake, which may have been created by using AI.

As the video of Kush has dragged him into the controversy, many people are asking multiple questions on the web. Due to that, his fans and followers also want to know the truth.

Risen Kush Responded
Risen Kush has not responded to his viral video that has dragged him into the controversy. (Source: Instagram)

Despite all the ongoing scandal, Risen has not said a single word. It appears that he prefers to keep his mouth shut regarding the gossip that circulates online.

As his followers are eager to know the truth, Risen may give some hints in the future. Kush can be followed on Instagram @risen_kush to get updated on his life.

From his IG account, Kush may give some updates about his ongoing news that has gone viral on various sources. 

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