Rita Lee

After the announcement of Rita Lee’s sudden demise, many have rushed to the internet to find Rita Lee death cause and her obituary.

Rita Lee’s full name is Rita Lee Jones. She is a renowned rock singer, songwriter, and composer from Brazil.

The vocalist was a well-known personality in Brazilian entertainment and a member of the band Os Mutantes. She was also well-recognized for being a vegan and an animal rights activist.

Over 55 million recordings have been sold globally by the artist. In Brazil, Rita Lee: Uma Autobiografia, her autobiography, was the year’s best-selling non-fiction title.

In 1966, Lee joined forces with Arnaldo Baptista and Sérgio Dias to establish the band Os Mutantes. During that time, Lee also published her first two solo albums, however, they were made in collaboration with Os Mutantes bandmates.

Lee co-wrote the track “Arrombou a Festa” with Paulo Coelho in 1976 while she was expecting her first child and was sentenced to a year of house arrest for marijuana use. The song went on to sell 200,000 copies.

Her collaboration with the band Tutti Frutti on the album Fruto Proibido (Forbidden Fruit) is regarded as a Brazilian music classic.

Rita Lee Death Cause: How Did Brazilian Singer Die?

According to her family, Rita Lee, a key figure in the Tropicalia creative movement, passed away on Tuesday after a two-year struggle with lung cancer.

The singer was 75 years old at the time of her demise. Rita fought a long battle with cancer, but in the end, cancer won the fight and became Rita Lee death cause.

Many were eager to find out Rita Lee death cause as soon as they heard of the sudden demise of the talented rock artist on the web.

Rita Lee passed away late last night at her home in Sao Paulo, surrounded by all her family’s affection, as she always desired, according to a message on the singer’s Instagram account.

Following her passing, musicians, politicians, celebrities, and fans have sent a flood of accolades to honor her pioneering work in Brazilian rock.

Rita Lee Death Cause
Rita Lee death cause was declared lung cancer. (Source: UOL)

The songwriter was referred to as “an artist ahead of her time” and “one of the greatest and most brilliant names in Brazilian music” by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The composer’s songs touched on forbidden topics like feminism and sex throughout the time that she made more than 20 albums and sold 55 million CDs.

In the 1960s, Lee rose to popularity with the band Os Mutantes, which he established with Sergio Dias and Arnaldo Baptista.

In 2021, Rita Lee received a lung cancer diagnosis and has been receiving treatment.

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Rita Lee Obituary

Rita Lee’s obituary was also published along with her death announcement. This Wednesday, October 10, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm (local time), is set aside for the wake.

The artist’s corpse will be burned, as Rita requested. There will be no public ceremony. As per the announcement, the family appreciates everyone’s concern and affection during this difficult time.

According to a statement, Lee passed away at her home in So Paulo “surrounded by the love of her entire family” after being diagnosed with lung cancer in 2021.

In her birthplace of So Paulo, her family announced that the singer-songwriter’s admirers will be able to pay their respects at a public wake on Wednesday at the planetarium.

Rita Lee
Rita Lee performs during the Serginho Groisman show in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Source: abcnews)

Rita Lee was born in So Paulo, Brazil, to Romilda Padula, a Brazilian pianist, and Charles Fenley Jones, an American-Brazilian dentist who is descended from Confederate soldiers.

Magdalena Tagliaferro, a well-known pianist, taught Rita classical piano. The songwriter requested a drum set instead of the customary teenage debut ball.

The important band Os Mutantes, one of the key figures of the so-called Brazilian Tropicalism, made Lee famous across the world in the 1960s with her vocal prowess.

Rita disliked the moniker “Queen of Rock,” which was commonly used to refer to her. Instead, she favored “Patron Saint of Freedom,” which many felt more accurately captured her spirit of independence.

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