Rizal Ramli Politician

Rizal Ramli Penyakit has created a buzz online and here’s everything you need to know about the Former senior minister’s health.

Rizal Ramli was an Indonesian economist, politician, and public figure known for his contributions to economics and his involvement in Indonesian politics.

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Ramli served as Indonesia’s Minister of Finance from 2001 to 2004 during Megawati Sukarnoputri’s presidency. He implemented several policies aimed at stabilizing the economy.

Aside from his political career, Ramli was also involved in academia, writing, and public speaking, sharing his insights and expertise on economic matters.

Currently, people close to Rizal are mourning the loss as his ***** news was confirmed and people want to know more about the politician’s health issues before his *****.

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Rizal Ramli Penyakit (Illness): Was He Sakit (Sick)?

Rizal Ramli penyakit (illness) has been searched by many people and it all started following his demise on January 2, 2024, at the age of 69.

As soon as the news of his demise was confirmed, people began asking questions if Ramli was sakit (sick). There is not much information regarding Ramli’s health issues.

Rizal Ramli Penyakit
Rizal Ramli reportedly had diabetes and he was receiving treatment at the hospital before his passing. ( Source: CNN Indonesia )

However, it has been said that Rizal was known to have dealt with diabetes. He was admitted to Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) Jakarta for several weeks and was being treated.

His friend Herdi Sahrasad said, “We don’t know his illness for sure, but he used to have diabetes.” It may be the reason for Rizal’s passing but nothing can be confirmed at the time of this post.

Rizal Ramli Health Issues Before *****

Rizal Ramli health was not fine before his passing as he was receiving treatment at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) Jakarta.

Rizal was very private when it came to the topic of his personal life. So, he never shared anything about his personal matters in the media sources.

Rizal Ramli Health
Rizal Ramli health was not well before his ***** as the former senior minister was dealing with some problems. ( Source: Populis )

Due to that, it becomes pretty challenging to know everything related to Ramli’s health issues. As stated earlier, Ramli was known to have dealt with diabetes.

Rather than that, no other facts about his health problems have been shared. Diabetes is a long-lasting health state that happens when the pancreas doesn’t make sufficient insulin or when the body can’t properly use the insulin it produces.

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A Look Back On Rizal Ramli Life

Rizal Ramli is a prominent figure in Indonesian politics and economics, known for his contributions to both fields. He was born on September 2, 1954, in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Talking about his educational background, he earned his Master of Arts in Asian Studies from Sophia University, Japan. Following that he went to Boston University.

Rizal Ramli Life
Rizal Ramli was a well-known figure in the Indonesian politics. ( Source: GenPeI.com )

At Boston University, Ramli studied and earned a Ph.D. degree in economics in 1990. After completing his doctorate in the United States, Rizal Ramli came back to Indonesia and founded the ECONIT Advisory Group.

For your information, Rizal was married twice in his life. He tied the knot with his first wife Herawati M. Mulyono in 1982 and remained together until Herawati’s passing in 2006.

The duo also welcomed three kids: Dhitta Puti Saraswati, Dipo Satrio, and Daisy. Later in 2008, Ramli married Marijani or Liu Siaw Fung. Sadly, she also passed away in 2011.

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