Robbie Mckinley

People are searching Robbie Mckinley Wikipedia and his other information as the legendary skateboarder passed away at the age of 43.

Robbie McKinley was a celebrated skateboarder from Santa Cruz, California. His sudden death has saddened everyone who knew him.

McKinley was known for his innovative style that combined street and vert elements and his fearless attitude toward skateboarding.

He skated for over 30 years and became an icon in the skateboarding community, inspiring many skateboarders worldwide with his unique approach to the sport.

Robbie was sponsored by several skateboarding companies, including Vans, Independent, and Creature Skateboards.

In addition to his skateboarding career, he was a talented artist and designed graphics for skateboard decks and clothing.

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Robbie Mckinley: Wikipedia And Age

Born in 1980, Robbie Mckinley was 43 years old when he passed away on March 30, 2023. The late skateboarder did not have a Wikipedia page.

The cause of Robbie’s death is still unknown, and no further details have been revealed yet.

McKinley’s close friend and former roommate, Mackenzie Eisenhour, paid tribute to him on Instagram by sharing a picture of him sitting in an outdoor location.

Robbie Mckinley, the legendary skateboarder passed away at the age of 43
Robbie Mckinley, the legendary skateboarder, passed away at the age of 43 (Source: Dose Skateboarding)

Robbie was widely recognized for his flawless skateboarding skills, and his friends and colleagues who knew him well expressed their grief on various social media.

One of his friends, Jimmy Pelletier, shared a group picture on Facebook and reminisced about meeting Robbie during the Blind Skateboards tour in 1998.

Jimmy praised Robbie’s skateboarding abilities and mentioned an unforgettable demo they did in a hockey arena. They had to hold off the crowd for hours until the rest of the team arrived.

Following the news of his passing, Twitter was inundated with an outpouring of tributes to Robbie McKinley.

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Who Are The Wife And Kids Of The Late Skateboarder?

Detailed information about McKinley’s wife, kids, and net worth is unknown. His brother Jennifer (McKinley) Geckas set up the GoFundMe campaign for him.

Per the GoFundMe page, Robbie recently relocated to Hawaii to seek a new life away from the daily grind in California.

However, his unexpected passing has caused financial challenges for his family, who are now trying to bring him back home for his final goodbye.

Unfortunately, their family members reside on the East coast of the United States and do not have the necessary finances readily available to travel to Hawaii.

Any contributions to the Gofundme page will be used to cover the expenses of bringing Robbie back home and covering any funeral or memorial costs.

Robbie moved to Hawaii recently to start a new life away from his daily routine in California
Robbie moved to Hawaii recently to start a new life away from his daily routine in California (Source: PKB News)

Robbie McKinley became interested in skateboarding during his fifth-grade year and continued developing his skills.

He gained recognition in the skateboarding world by 2000 due to his technical abilities and innovative style. He was also one of the founders of the Grind King skate team.

McKinley was featured in various skateboarding videos, including the Harsh Euro Barge and Rodney Mulken vs Daewon Song series.

During a 2010 interview with Bobshirt, McKinley revealed that he started skating with his brother in the fifth grade, and his interest grew even more in the sixth grade.

Robbie mentioned his first proper skateboard setup and how he and his mother used to rent skate videos. Koston was a significant influence on his style.

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