Robert Blakes Daughter

Robert Blake’s daughter Rose Lenore was only 11 months old when her mother was fatally shot. Find out more about Blake’s family. 

Robert Blake’s death news has made people in shock; he died at the age of 89 on March 9, 2023. After his family had confirmed his death news, more information about his past was raised. 

Blake was an American Actor who achieved fame for his roles in the movie “In Cold Blood” and the TV series “Baretta.” 

He was one of the first child actors to successfully transition to adult roles, which led to a long and varied career in Hollywood.

Blake will always be remembered for his role in various movies and television series, and people have been sharing condolence with his family and friends. 

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Who Is Robert Blake’s Daughter, Rose Lenore?

Rose Lenore Sophie Blake is the daughter of Robert Blake and his second wife, Bonny Lee Bakley.

She was born on June 2, 2022. After Rose’s mother’s demise, she was raised by her half-sister, Delinah, and her husband in Sherman Oaks.

Rose lived a very private life, and she said that she did not want to know by the name of her parents as they were always going to talk about what happened. 

Rose did not meet her Father since she was five; after she turned 18, she decided to connect with her Father and recall her past. 

Robert Blake's daughter, share about 'traumatic childhood' in 2019.
Robert Blake’s daughter shared about her ‘traumatic childhood’ in 2019. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Lenore visited her mother’s grave only when she turned 18, and she mentioned she was not ready until she turned 18. It was hard for her to learn every information about her mother. 

She revealed that she suffered from anxiety and depression for a long time before getting connected with her past.

Rose lost her Father just after getting to know him better for almost five years. She shared a tribute to her Father following his death on Thursday. 

Rose has been living with her boyfriend, who has adopted two cats. She says she is living a happy life now and is who she was in the past.

Rose Lenore, Mother Bonny Lee Bakley, And Family

Rose Lenore lost her mother when she was 11 months old, she was fatally shot, and her Father was arrested following her mother’s death.

Bonny Lee Bakley was the second wife of Actor Robert. She was shot while sitting in Blake’s car outside a restaurant in the Los Angeles area in May 2001.

Rose Lenore with her mother Bonny Lee Bakley, before she was fatally shot.
Rose Lenore with her mother, Bonny Lee Bakley, before she was fatally shot. (Image Source:

Blake was found not guilty of the crimes by a jury. Bakley’s murder remains officially unsolved. In November 2005, Blake was found liable for her wrongful death in a civil lawsuit brought against him by Bakley’s children. 

Lenore shared a great bond with her half-sister, Delinah, and her husband. She was raised along with them and still has a close relationship. 

Delinah kept her life away from the spotlight, and she was born to Robert and his first wife, Sondra Blake. 

Lenore shared half-brother Noha, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and died in 2005. The reason behind Noha’s death was revealed as suicide. 

Although Lenore did not spend a long time getting connected with her Father, they were very close to each other in this short time. 

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