Robert Card Gay

Robert Card gay rumors are surfacing after the shocking incident, but it’s crucial to maintain the focus on the facts surrounding the tragedy.

The recent tragedy in Lewiston, Maine, has shocked the nation, leaving many questions unanswered and rumors swirling. 

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Authorities continue their search for Robert Card, the person of interest in the fatal shootings at a local bar and bowling alley. Some have turned their attention to the personal aspects of his life, including his sexuality. 

In this in-depth article, we will explore the unfolding events surrounding the Lewiston shootings, delve into the life of Robert Card, and address the rumors concerning his sexual orientation.

Lewiston Maine Shooter: Is Robert Card Gay Rumors True?

In the aftermath of the tragic Lewiston shootings, rumors and speculations often arise as people seek answers and explanations. 

Robert Card Gay
Law enforcement reacts to an ongoing shooter incident in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday, October 25, 2023. (Source:

One such rumor that has circulated pertains to Robert Card’s sexual orientation. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that as of the latest available information, there is no credible evidence or confirmation regarding Card’s sexual orientation. 

The investigation into the Lewiston incident is primarily focused on the events and circumstances surrounding the tragedy. Any connections between Card’s sexuality and the shootings remain unsubstantiated. 

It is essential to refrain from making assumptions or conclusions about individuals’ lives based on unverified rumors. These can perpetuate harm and misinformation during a challenging time for the affected communities.

In the wake of the devastating events in Lewiston, the search for Robert Card and the investigation into the tragic shootings are paramount.

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Rumors about his gender identity and sexuality, while perhaps fueled by curiosity, should not distract from the primary objectives of law enforcement and the pursuit of justice.

Robert Card Gender Revealed

Robert Card’s gender is male, as confirmed by available information.

Robert Card Gay
Images of the suspected shooter have been made public by the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office. (Source:

One question that has emerged amidst the chaos is related to Card’s gender identity. Some individuals have expressed curiosity about whether Robert Card might identify as transgender or non-binary.

However, as of the latest information available, no official confirmation or evidence has supported such claims.

It’s essential to remember that personal details like gender identity are entirely distinct from the alleged criminal actions. Robert Card’s gender identity should be a matter of personal privacy and choice, not a basis for speculation or judgment.

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Until then, the focus should remain on supporting the affected communities and respecting the privacy of individuals involved.

Robert Card Sexuality: Addressing The Rumors

Amidst the chaos and tragedy, rumors about Robert Card’s sexuality have surfaced. 

Some have speculated about Card’s sexual orientation and whether it might have played any role in the events that transpired in Lewiston. 

It’s important to emphasize that, at this point, there is no credible information linking Card’s sexual orientation to the incident.

His sexual orientation, like his gender identity, is a personal aspect of his life. It should not be subjected to unwarranted speculation.

In an era of increased awareness and acceptance of diverse sexual orientations, treating such information with sensitivity and respect is critical.

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The focus of the investigation should rightly be on the tragic events that unfolded in Lewiston and efforts to locate and bring Robert Card to justice.

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