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Roberto Jaz wife name is a hot topic on the internet. If you want to know more about the Mama Hooch rapist, read this article till the end.

Roberto Jaz is the sexual predator sentenced to 17 years in prison as he committed sexual offenses against multiple patrons at the Christchurch bar, Mama Hooch.

Meanwhile, Roberto is not the only person to commit this act, as he did it with his brother Danny Jaz. His brother has been slapped with 16.5 years in prison.

Earlier this year, the Jaz brothers were convicted of 69 sex crimes, including rape and drug charges, for over three years.

After getting imprisoned, people are eager to know about Roberto’s personal life, mainly his marriage.

Who Is Roberto Jaz Wife?

As said earlier, Roberto Jaz’s wife’s name has been searched by many people after he was given 17 years in prison for his horrific actions.

There is no confirmed news of Jaz being married or having a wife. So, it can be confirmed that Jaz is single and has no girlfriend.

Apart from that, Roberto once had a romantic relationship in the past. His ex-girlfriend Michelle (not her real name) talked about the Jaz brothers.

Roberto Jaz Wife
Roberto Jaz is unmarried, and there is no news of his wife. (Source: Stuff)

She says she witnessed extremely toxic and misogynistic behavior as early as 2009. Besides, she worked at a former Christchurch restaurant, Portofino. 

The name Michelle has been given by Stuff, who reported that she worked there as a waitress. At that time, Roberto worked in the kitchen, and later they began dating each other. 

Furthermore, their relationship lasted only for eight months. The woman never returned to the restaurant after seeing some Portofino customers groping servers, telling Danny about the matter, but he didn’t care.

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Roberto Jaz Is A Mama Hooch Rapist: Wikipedia

Roberto Jaz is famous for being the Mama Hooch rapist recently punished for his actions.

He was found guilty of 27 charges at a trial earlier this year, including sexual violation, stupefying, indecent assault and rape.

Roberto’s name was released publicly last week for the first time about the drugging and sexual assault of various young women at Christchurch bar Mama Hooch.

Roberto Jaz brother
Roberto Jaz and his brother Danny Jaz have been given a prison sentence for their actions. (Source: Stuff)

His brother Danny was the bar manager. The Jaz brothers used their roles in the family businesses and neighboring Venuti restaurants to spike drinks and drugs and sexually break people. 

The incident happened between 2015 and 2018. The Jaz brothers worked at Venuti, where Danny has been a manager since its opening in 2015.

What Is Roberto Jaz Age? His Early Life

Robert Jaz age is 39. He is not the only child of his parents, as Jaz grew up with his brother, Danny, who is two years older.

According to an online report, Robert’s full name is Jazevski. He moved from Australia to New Zealand with his family in about 2003.

Roberto Jaz Age
Roberto Jaz moved from Australia to New Zealand. (Source: Twitter)

After arriving in Christchurch, the Jaz family established hospitality outlets in the central city, including Mama Hooch. Furthermore, his parents are reported to be Macedonian emigrants.

Not to mention, Macedonia was an ancient kingdom on the periphery of Archaic and Classical Greece. Further information regarding Roberto’s personal and family background remains unclear.  

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