Roberto Larralde wikipedia

People are curious to know about Roberto Larralde Wikipedia details. He is a boxer, who had been missing since last Saturday, and was discovered close to Santa Olalla de la Ribera (León) buried in the brush by the Bernesga river.

The 37-year-old boxer’s body was discovered by the search team’s canines not far from where his car had been discovered.

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His whereabouts have remained a mystery since Saturday night. He was a neighbor of the Leonese community of San Andrés del Rabanedo.

Larralde, a married man with two kids, had informed his loved ones that he had to leave for work after getting a call.

He hasn’t seen him since, and the family has even offered a prize to find him. Be with us till the end to know about Roberto Larralde Wikipedia. 

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Roberto Larralde Wikipedia And Biography: How Old Is The Boxer?

Talking about Roberto Larralde Wikipedia, he is yet to be mentioned on it. He was 37 years old when he joined a group of people who have a unique perspective on boxing as a sport. He has never presented any issues, on the contrary.

Roberto Larralde was married to his wife José Ramón Vega. On the other hand, the TSJCyL rejected the appeal made by López, Miriam Caballero’s ex-partner and the alleged mastermind behind the ****** of Roberto Larralde. López might spend 18 years behind bars.

Roberto Larralde wikipedia
Boxer Roberto Larralde was killed. (Source: El Diario)

Additionally, it dismissed the appeals of the other two defendants found guilty in this case, Antonio G., who sold the ****** weapon, and Adrián M.

They had previously given it to the former in exchange for payment of a debt. Both individuals received a one-year prison term for illegally possessing guns.

José Ramón V., the person who really fired the shot that killed Larralde, was also given a 21-year term in this case, albeit the defendant passed away a few months ago while incarcerated in the Texeiro jail in A Corua.

Family Details of Roberto Larralde

Although Roberto Larralde is a famous fighter, he has never made a lot of personal information about his family and others known.

According to the records, the terrible act that took the Leonese boxer’s life exposes a planned conspiracy in which his wife was a crucial player.

According to the findings of the inquiry into the ****** of Leonese boxer Roberto Larralde, there was an ambush intended to take his life.

Roberto Larralde wikipedia
Roberto Larralde was executed with a shot to the neck. (Source: El Confidencial)

A scheme that was conceived on September 13, 2014, resulted in a horrifying crime that has now reached the Provincial Court.

Roberto Larralde’s phone started ringing at 9:30 p.m., according to what his family told the authorities.

After responding, he advised his mother that he ought to leave the situation for a “short” while. Back and forth it went.

How Much Net Worth Does Roberto Larralde Have?

Roberto Larralde’s net worth is estimated to be around $500k. He, however, has never revealed his net worth himself. 

He was a boxer who lost his life untimely in a hazardous ******. Pedro J. Garca Castaón, also known as “Coral,” devotes his life to boxing.

He has trained individuals who are enthusiastic about this sport for more than ten years. He also cautions that he has “trained everything” in it.

The ex-boxer Roberto Larralde was acquitted of all charges in the case by the León Provincial Court’s Third Section, but Julio López, Carlos Heli’s boss, was found guilty of instigating the ****** and was sentenced to prison.

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