Robin Arzon Pregnant

Fans were surprised to know that Robin Arzon is pregnant with her husband after she announced the news.

People recognize Robin Arzón, a.k.a. @robinNYC, as a New York Times bestselling author, an Adidas brand ambassador, a fierce instructor at Peloton, and the vice president of fitness programming at the company.

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She boldly re-invented herself as an avid ultra-marathon runner and global fitness leader after leaving behind a successful legal career to pursue new adventures in the health and wellness sector.

Robin has completed 27 marathons in addition to several ultramarathons, including five marathons in five days to raise money for MS research.

Is Robin Arzon Pregnant With Her Husband? 

Robin Arzón revealed during Monday’s Live with Kelly and Ryan episode that she is pregnant and is expecting her second child with husband Drew Butler.

Arzón claims that she is feeling good and that her entire family, including her 22-month-old daughter Athena, is thrilled about the impending arrival of a new member.

Robin arzon pregnant
Robin Arzon shared about her pregnancy. (Source: People)

The author of Strong Mama, whose follow-up picture book Strong Baby will be released next month, claims that she surprised her husband with the good news after learning of the pregnancy.

The trainer, who previously spoke candidly about her choice to work out while carrying Athena, tells PEOPLE that she plans to stay active throughout her pregnancy to dispel the myth that pregnant women have fewer options for exercise.

Has Robin Arzon Recovered From Diabetes?

When Robin Arzón learned she had Type 1 diabetes, she was 32 years old and had just signed a contract with Peloton. Arzón, a vegan and die-hard exercise enthusiast, was shocked.

Juvenile diabetes, also known as type 1 diabetes, is a condition that develops when the body’s pancreas stops making insulin, which controls blood sugar levels. The good news is that, as Arzón has demonstrated, it is possible to live a happy and healthy life despite the condition.

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Increased thirst, frequent urination, and fatigue were Arzón’s symptoms, but she didn’t seem too concerned about them. She explained that she had just returned from a trip to India to visit her sister and assumed she was experiencing jet lag. However, Arzón’s mother, a doctor, thought there might be more and advised her daughter to schedule blood work.

Robin Arzon Near ***** Experience: What Happened To Her?

Arzón had a terrifying close encounter with ***** that fundamentally altered her outlook on life. She disclosed that when she was 20 years old, she had a life-or-***** experience. Since being taken hostage at knifepoint, she has lived every day to the fullest.

Robin arzon 1
Robin Arzon shared a near ***** experience of her life. (Source:

Arzón made the decision to meet up with some friends at a bar in New York City’s East Village in 2002 when she was a junior at NYU. According to the New York Times, an AIDS patient went on the streets that night carrying three pistols, a sword, and kerosene while announcing his intention to commit as many murders as possible before dying.

After being shot in the torso, the pedestrian, who was his first victim, was able to flee and enter the tiny wine bar where Arzón had previously stopped for a drink.

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Unfortunately, the shooter continued, killing the young man with one bullet. He then threatened to set them all on fire while dousing them in kerosene.

The terrifying encounter would have uprooted anyone’s life, but Arzón says she battled through it and kept working toward the legal career she had always wanted.

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