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Robin Daumit is a chef, author and reality television star from Maryland. Salmon in a fig leaf is one of her specialties. She has a significant number of fans for this single recipe. 

Likewise, the chef specializes in many other dishes as she has been cooking all her life. She gained notoriety for participating in Season 1 of The Great American Recipe competition.

The Great American Recipe makes its WITF TV debut on the PBS Video app and online on June 24 at 9 pm.

The eight-part inspirational competition series honors the diversity that gives American cuisine its vivid and distinctive flavor.

The ten competitors present distinctive culinary traditions influenced by their cultural backgrounds, including Syrian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, Puerto Rican, and Filipino cuisines.

The dishes that were produced showcase the delectable variety of American home cooking.

The chefs get a chance to present two of their cherished distinctive dishes in each episode as they compete to win the national hunt for “The Great American Recipe.”

Alejandra Ramos, the hosts; Leah Cohen, Tiffany Derry, and Graham Elliot, the judges, all contribute their professional expertise and culinary know-how to help and encourage our competitors.

Robin is also a part of the 2nd season of The Great American Recipe. As a result, people worldwide are interested in knowing about Robin Daumit’s personal life.  

Robin Daumit Wikipedia: Is The Great American Recipe Contestant On World Famous Encyclopedia?

Robin Daumit is yet to feature on the official page of Wikipedia. However, many of her fans believe that she will soon make it there as a result of her exceptional cooking abilities.

Robin is a brilliant and skillful chef who has been the Food Network chef three times. 

Robin developed a cooking style incorporating Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors from her mother’s Syrian history and the regional cuisine of her home state of Maryland.

Robin Daumit Wikipedia
Robin Daumit was the finalist in season 1 of The Great American Recipe on PBS. (Source: Anne Arundel County Public Library)

The chef enjoys preparing recipes she has gathered over a lifetime of experiences as a single parent of four children and a grandmother.

She has made it her life’s work to share the traditions of her family’s Mediterranean food through her cookbooks and blog.

Salmon in a fig leaf is Robin’s specialty dish since fig trees, symbolic of prosperity, health, and well-being, can be found in every residence she has had.

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Robin Daumit Age: How Old Is The Great American Recipe Contestant?

According to a Facebook post from Next Venue, Robin Daumit is in her late sixties. But, the television personality has never really mentioned her age details to the media or the public. 

Damuit seems reserved and doesn’t like to open up much about her personal life. As a result, her birth details are mysteries as of [cuurent-year].

Similarly, there is only a little information on her family life. She was born to her parents in Annapolis, Maryland, and currently resides near the Chesapeake Bay. 

Robin Daumit age
Robin Daumit, in her late sixties, is set to appear in season 2 of The Great American Recipe, which premiers on June 24. (Source: PBS)

However, the chef has never really mentioned the identity of her parents due to her reserved nature. Likewise, Robin’s parents’ professional life is also a mystery. 

Daumit of Annapolis, Maryland, is a single parent of four children. She enjoys cooking with fresh seafood because she lives near the Chesapeake Bay, mainly blue crab and oysters.

Since many of her childhood companions were Greek and Italian, she gained knowledge of a wider variety of Mediterranean cuisine from them.

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