Robin Meade News Anchor HLN terminated show

After CNN president Chris Licht’s restructuring, HLN’s whole operation team was unexpectedly terminated, surprising the Internet. So, Is Robin Meade Fired From HLN, then, or was it a part of Licht’s restructuring? Let’s investigate.

Sadly, Robin Meade’s show Morning Express will no longer appear on the HLN, as the whole team was terminated under Licht’s restructuring part. 

American nationality, Meade is a former news correspondent. Before her termination, the Ohio native used to work as the prominent newscaster for Morning Express with Robin Meade. She joined HLN in 2001. 

Initially, she began her journey through a broadcasting career in regional stations in Ohio. The former Miss Ohio rose to fame working with several cable news channels.

After appearing as the leading news host on HLN TV screens for twenty years, she has sadly left the job.

Hence, many people want to know if Robin Meade was fired from HLN and what did she do? Letting you know everything regarding the news anchor.

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Is Robin Meade Fired From HLN? What Did The News Anchor Do?

CNN President Chris Licht took responsibility and made a harsh decision while restructuring the network. So, under the reconstruction part, Litch terminated the HLN Atlanta team contract on 1 December 2022.

Strictly speaking, HLN can be said as CNN’s sister channel. So, power flow is more with CNN. After reconstruction, Meade and the entire team were terminated. Hence, CNN This Morning alternated Meade’s scheduled hour.

Robin Meade News Anchor HLN terminated
Former HLN News Anchor Robin Meade’s contract was terminated. (Source: Her Instagram)

Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite host, Robin Meade, won’t be seen on HLN from 5 December 2022. On 1 December, Meade officially announced her live departure from her former show.

The Morning Express’s Twitter account posted a segment from the show where Robin addresses the news.

Likewise, the publisher report revealed that CNN’s chief Executive, Licht thanked Robin Meade. This clearly proves that Meade wasn’t fired and had a good leave. 

Further, CNN’s head, Chris Licht, said Robin was a top-rated anchor and the longest-running host. It looks like Licht has a great appreciation for the host lady. 

However, Robin Meade’s new career move is yet in the shadows. Maybe, she will inform her fans about her next step in the coming days.

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Robin Meade Parents & Family

Former HLN’s top news anchor, Robin Meade, was born to Sharon Meade and Linro Meade on 1 April 1969.

The Ohio-born news anchor grew up with her two siblings, Kevin and Tonda.

Likewise, Meade is close to her friend, Tessa Red. The two furry friends spend a lot of time together, and they occasionally bump into each other’s pictures shared on their social media handles.

Talking about her marital life, Meade tied the knot with Tim Yeager on 6 November 1993.

It looks like the television personality values her relationship with friends and family around her.

Similarly, she recently visited her family in Ohio. Her snaps revealed that she was with her parents and siblings. Maybe Meade plans to devote quality time to her parents, spouse, and siblings after leaving HLN.

Robin Meade’s New Job And Salary

Unfortunately, Robin Meade’s next career move is yet in the shadows. Maybe, she will inform her fans about her new step in the coming days.

Robin Meade News Anchor HLN
Former HLN News Anchor Robin Meade’s net worth is $8 million. (Source: Mix Dex)

Yes, after the shutdown of Morning Express, no new updates have been confirmed on where Meade is going. 

Honestly speaking, Robin has accomplished a remarkable career as a news anchor that even CNN’s headman, Chris Licht, appreciates.

As mentioned earlier, she might be planning to take a break from her hectic work schedule by spending quality time with her spouse, parents, and siblings.

Moreover, Robin Meade’s net worth is $8 million as of this writing. Likewise, the news anchor’s salary is a whopping $3 million per annum. 

The talented television personality won the Miss Ohio title in 1992. Also, Lyco’s Top 20 TV news personalities list included Meade in 2002.

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