Arnold Castillo Arrested

Arnold Castillo arrest news was hitting the internet on July 2022 as he was arrested for kidnapping a minor. 

Arnold Castillo, a Roblox developer who signed up for the service on July 20, 2012, is most known for producing several Roblox games for the “Sonic Eclipse Online” club, which at the time of writing has about 140,000 members.

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On September 30, 2020, Arnold offered a 35-minute video response to the claims, but it was instantly panned for Arnold’s inaccurate portrayal of the victims.

Later, just before being fired, he changed his owner position and moved it to his group holder account. 

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He moved the project over to Data Excel as well. On December 29, 2021, Sega Corporation asked that the group and the games that were a part of it be deleted. Also terminated and subsequently unbanned was the owner’s holder account.

Arnold reportedly stopped being active in May 2022 after being detained for eight days for having a 15-year-old, according to a tweet posted by Ruben Sim on September 18, 2022.

Roblox Developer: Arnold Castillo Arrested, What Did He Do?

People contacted YouTuber Ruben Sim in 2022 to complain that Castillo wasn’t active on his Discord. Some questioned if he had passed away. But it turned out that the FBI had detained Castillo.

On the Discord server earlier, Castillo had expressed interest in a 15-year-old woman.

He paid her a sum of money so she could use an Uber to go across many states to his house to have ***.

After learning of the adolescent’s abduction, Castillo was charged with kidnapping the teen by her mother, who had observed their online conversations.

Arnold Castillo Arrested
Roblox Game Cover (Source: Roblox)

“Can you just picture a world where Roblox genuinely takes pedophiles seriously, and he is never able to afford to hire an Uber driver to drive a child 700 miles to be with him?

That is completely Roblox’s responsibility at this time. They are completely at fault for that. Two years ago, this might have been stopped,” Moist remarked.

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For years, Roblox has faced criticism for not providing a secure environment for children. Unfortunately, Castillo is not the only developer accused of inappropriate conduct.

The list of “controversial people” currently available excludes the more alarming incidents inside the Roblox community.

Arnold Castillo Arrested And Charged 

Arnold Castillo, 22, of Paterson, New Jersey, is accused of luring a juvenile and transporting that youngster across state lines for them to engage in unlawful sexual behavior.

“It used to be possible for teachers, coaches, even church leaders who are finding access to young people,” said Beth White, president and chief Executive officer of the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking. “But today, anyone can access a young person on the internet.”

According to court records, Castillo allegedly began corresponding with the girl on social media in February. To entice her to New Jersey so they could have ***, he sent her gifts and money.

According to federal prosecutors, these strategies are known as “grooming,” a method that *** offenders use to win the trust of and alienate minors from their families and friends.

Our documents claim that on May 3, Castillo persuaded the girl to fly from Indiana to New Jersey.

Prosecutors claim that he then paid an Uber $500 upfront to pick her up and transport her over state borders and another $500 once she arrived.

According to White, more people must take the initiative and accept responsibility to stop these situations from developing.

White said, “What in the world, an Uber driver picks up a young person and takes them out of state? According to the author, trusting people is a dreadful trauma exacerbated when someone is being groomed over time.

The girl was located at a Patterson, New Jersey, address by investigators using information from the social media application that was used.

They discovered the youngster on May 11 and returned her to her mother. Castillo was detained by police the same day.

Arnold Castillo Previous Controversy

Arnold was exposed for his racist, homophobic, and illegal activities and his sexual interactions with children that started around September 2017 in a Google document that was made public in late 2020.

The anonymous user said that between September 2017 and January 2018, Arnold, who was 24 at the time, spoke with a 12-year-old.

In addition to normalizing the minor’s behavior, Doc would groom and degrade him in front of everyone on his Discord server and the DMs.

Arnold Castillo Arrested
Arnold Castillo With His Wife (Source: Twitter)

In addition, a doctor would pose as 18 years old while having intercourse with a staff member who was only 14 years old.

Doc would speak to the child in a highly sexual tone and refer to her as his “playtoy” to satiate his *** demands, even when the child wasn’t feeling well.

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Additionally, he would manipulate both his staff and his community by concealing all the information that would be against them because he has a fan base of people who “love” him.

Not to mention, Doc made homophobic and racist remarks about BLM and the LGBTQ+ community on Twitter and Discord.

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