Robo Shankar Health Issue

Robo Shankar health issue has been a concern for his fans and followers ever since he lost significant weight.

Shankar is a stand-up comedian from India who has become well-known for his character roles in Tamil films. He first gained fame on STAR Vijay’s Kalakkapovathu Yaaru as a stand-up comedian.

Robo has since become a regular cast member on several shows on Star Vijay and has hosted television programs for the channel.

Shankar worked as a mimicry artist before he was offered a role in the film Rowthiram in 2011.

After playing minor roles in Yaaruda Mahesh and Kappal, he was cast in Vaayai Moodi Pesavum, where his performance was noted for its high energy.

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Robo Shankar Health Issue 2023: Is He Sick? 

No, Robo Shankar is not sick. Although he was recently seen in a picture where he appeared to have lost a lot of weight, it turns out that he intentionally did so for his upcoming role in a Tamil film.

His wife, Priyanka, confirmed this in a YouTube interview and also stated that there is no harm to his health.

She confirmed that he has been doing great with his health condition and has been preparing for the upcoming movie. 

Robo Shankar appeared in a picture where he seemed to have lost a significant amount of weight
Robo Shankar appeared in a picture where he seemed to have lost significant weight. (Image Source: FilmiBeat)

The actor’s fans were concerned and constantly wanted to learn about his health condition in 2023. Although the actor has not personally confirmed his health, his wife has shared it with his fans. 

However, she did not disclose the film’s name for which he lost weight. This was likely done to maintain secrecy and avoid any spoilers about the plot or character details of the film.

It is common for filmmakers to keep certain aspects of their projects under wraps until they are ready to be revealed to the public. 

What Happened To Tamil Actor Robo Shankar?

Robo Shankar is still active in the film industry. He has appeared in numerous Tamil films and television shows and continues to be a famous comedian and character actor.

Some of Robo Shankar’s recent film credits include “Bhoomi” (2021), “Master” (2021), “Soorarai Pottru” (2020), and ” Kodai” (2023).

He has also regularly participated in several popular Tamil TV shows, including “Adhu Idhu Edhu” and “Kalakka Povathu Yaaru.”

Shankar has been busy with his upcoming movie, which has yet to be revealed. Hopefully, more information related his upcoming movie and role will be shared among fans. 

Recent picture of actor Robo Shankar which has concerned health issues among fans.
A recent picture of actor Robo Shankar has concerned health issues among fans. (Image Source: Twitter)

Shankar is leading a busy schedule due to his work in the film industry. There have been no reports of any health issues related to his weight loss or busy schedule.

Shankar is a renowned actor and comedian in the Tamil film industry, and his fans have consistently appreciated his performances.

He has won the hearts of thousands of fans in his home country of India and globally. His unique style of comedy and acting has made him a popular figure worldwide, and the actor’s popularity continues to grow with each passing day.

Despite his busy schedule, Robo Shankar has always impressed his fans with his performances, earning him a dedicated and loyal following.

Shankar contributions to the film industry have been widely recognized and appreciated, making him a respected and admired figure in the entertainment world.

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