Roger Hallam Arrest

Roger Hallam was arrested on Sunday evening on suspicion of planning “reckless and serious” public disruption.

He is the Leader of Just Stop Oil Company, which is an activist group that is to cease new fossil fuel licensing and production.

Hallam has been the Company Leader for more than 20 years; he witnessed first-hand the devastating reality of the climate crisis. 

He mentioned that he lost his 10-acre vegetable-growing business because of the impacts of climate change.

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Roger Hallam Arrest And Charges

According to The Sun, the Leader of the Just Stop Oil group was arrested Sunday evening after a Police raid on his home in Kennington, south London.

Three more people were arrested with him because they were planning “reckless and serious” public disruption, as per what Police have shared.

He was ahead of planned protests along the M25 motorway this week; he was trying to have a series of issues. 

So, the Leader was suspected, with three more people involved in the plan with him. All these arrests have been made because Police has strong suspect behind them. 

He has been arrested because the protest has been affecting the government; he mentioned that he wishes to take all his anger out on the government of the UK. 

Eco-group mastermind Roger Hallam is arrested by cops 'ahead of planned M25 demo today'
Eco-group mastermind Roger Hallam is arrested by cops ‘ahead of planned M25 demo today’ (Source: DailyMail)

The arrest has been made recently, so much information about the incident is yet to come out. 

The suspect might be wrong about the plan going behind, too, because Hallam has not spoken out about the situation. 

He has been under the UK government since Sunday; the charges after the jail have not been confirmed yet. 

Hallam might go to jail for a lifetime or more than ten years, and the three more people involved in the incident will go with him. 

The matter has been serious for a long time; This is not Hallam’s first arrest during the protest. He has been in jail more than three times. 

What Did Just Stop Oil Leader Do?

The elder of Just Stop Oil, Roger Hallam, has been arrested for planning “reckless and serious” public disruption during the protest along the M25 motorway. 

He has been in jail for two days for the case, the more information about the plan has yet to come. 

Before this arrest, he had been to prison three times in the past years and had been on hunger strikes to stop the oil. 

Which case has not been taken seriously by the UK government; he has been time and again protesting against the oil. 

People with Roger Hallam during the Just Stop Oil Protest.
People with Roger Hallam during the Just Stop Oil Protest. (Source:

He is an organic farmer; he is most concerned about climate change. Hallam’s climate change action group has been asking the government to abandon plans to license over 100 new oil and gas projects. 

He and the team have been protesting for over three years; he has expressed his anger on the UK government many times. 

Additionally, Just Stop Oil protesters have been arrested almost 2,000 times, and more than five protest supporters are currently in jail. 

Net Worth of Roger Hallam, Leader of Just Stop Oil 

Hallam has not yet shared information about his income with the public, but he might have a $1.5 million net worth in the current year. 

He has been a former organic farmer for more than 20 years; he has been involved in more than ten vegetable-growing businesses. 

So, most of his income is from vegetable growing businesses and looking after other organic companies. 

Also, he has not shared much information about his earnings publicly, so there has been little information about his net worth. 

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