Roland Codrington

Roland Codrington, a Harlem man, is arrested and charged for allegedly killing two people in Manhattan.

Police were on the lookout for the 35-year-old after a string of violent crimes in Manhattan that also left several others wounded.

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The violent ex-con has been charged with a horrifying slashing spree. He was arrested after he was located driving the car of one of his victims.

Codrington, a serial criminal with at least a dozen prior busts, is sure to receive a hefty punishment.

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Roland Codrington, 35-Year-Old Harlem Man Accused Of Killing Two People; Arrest And Charge

According to the NYPD, the man wanted in a string of violent attacks in Manhattan is under arrest.

Roland Codrington, 35, is held responsible for the incidents that left two people dead and many wounded.

The Manhattan man is facing several charges, including ****** and attempted ******.

Per NYPD, Codrington is responsible for murdering a doctor he came across in a Harlem park, and another man found dead on a Lower East Side street.

He is also accused of attacking three people inside a Harlem bar.

New York City Police report that Codrington has 12 prior arrests. He is being charged with two counts of ******, two counts of attempted ******, one count of assault, and one count of criminal mischief.

roland codrington harlem
Roland Codrington, 35, was nabbed on Christmas Eve. (Source: New York Post)

They are also investigating whether he is connected to any other unsolved stabbing incidents in Manhattan.

The NYPD says Codrington’s girlfriend was there during several of the attacks. Although she has not been charged, Police say the investigation is ongoing.

The accused killer was with four other people when the officers approached and arrested him.

Codrington told the officials, “Let them go. I’m the one you’re looking for,” per the criminal complaint against him.

Series of Incidents In Manhattan Killed Two And Injured Many

The first violent incident occurred just before 1 am on Monday, December 19. A male victim named James Cunningham was found with a 10-inch slash wound across his neck before 214 Ave. A, between 13th and 14th streets.

He was said to be leaving a bar when a man approached and attacked him after a brief conversation. Police believe it was an unplanned and random encounter.

The second ****** happened around 11:30 pm on Thursday, December 22. Police say a man went behind Teddy’s Bar at 2271 2nd Ave. and started choking a 29-year-old female staffer with a baseball bat.

Two customers attempted to intervene, and the attacker stabbed them with a large knife. All three victims in the ****** luckily survived.

The NYPD says the perpetrator had been in the bar around a week before and had felt “disrespected” by the employees.

Then, around 2:15 am on Friday, December 23, the same man reportedly went into Marcus Garvey Park, where he came across a 60-year-old doctor named Bruce Maurice Henry, who was walking through the park.

The NYPD says the two had a short conversation, and the attacker became angry and repeatedly stabbed Henry in the torso, eye, and hands. 

Harlem park slashing
NYC man charged in the Harlem park slashing spree that left a doctor dead. (Source: NYC)

Officers later found Henry’s body in the park. They also found that Henry’s 2021 blue Mercedes Benz car was stolen following the ******.

Around 9:40 pm on December 24, detectives pulled the stolen vehicle over at 166th St. and Jerome Ave. in the Bronx.

Codrington was driving the car and surrendered without a struggle. “Three sharp-eyed officers with the 30th Precinct made the apprehension,” said NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell.

“It was just a great plan on Christmas Eve when everyone was out shopping; we were still working,” Chell said with relief that the case was put to bed.

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