Rollye James Illness

Rollye James illness: it has been a week since Rollye’s radio show was put on hold. Is the WGN 720 radio host sick? What illness does she have?

Rochelle Rollye James, aka Rollye James, is a well-known talk show host of American nationality. She is widely known as a host of The Rollye James Show, Monday Night Trivia on WGN 720.

There was no Monday Night Trivia on 6 February 2023. The radio host informed the public that there would be no show for a week.

There was a medical emergency in her family. As the news surfaced, many people were concerned about James’ health.

Rollye James Illness: Is The WGN Radio Host Sick?

Rollye James doesn’t have any illness. She is healthy. In contrast, her husband, Jon, suffered a deep-brain hemorrhagic intracranial stroke on 2 February 2023.

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Fortunately, the bleeding was minor and didn’t become a big issue as they could life-flight Jon to assistance, revealed the radio personality via her official website.

Rollye James Illness
Rollye James doesn’t have any illness – instead, her husband, Jon, suffered a stroke. (Image Source: Tunein)

Rollye James disclosed that Jon was admitted to the Mayo Clinic Hospital ICU in Phoenix around 5 am on Friday, 10 February. Since then, he has been stable. “Heaven knows, he’s got enough CT scans to prove it,” the Rollye James Show host expressed her doubt.

Moreover, the damage is minor compared to what others go through. Jon’s nurses confirmed that the stroke had no impact on his mind, humor, or facial muscles.

According to her post, every two hours, examinations are delivered to stroke patients to ensure they are not regressing cognitively or physically.

The medical professional makes patients explain a cartoon drawing and identify the presidents. These are merely hypothetical replies. Nurses asked Jon to read what Rollye said on the radio. No, I merely answer the phone,” Jon clarified.

Rollye James Family: Husband And Children

Rollye James has been married to Jon for a long time. It is unknown if the pair have any kids together. Rollye is having a difficult time.

Putting the funny stuff aside, Rollye James said Jon would need inpatient rehabilitation to work his way back to where he was.

While writing, she said she has every reason to think that her husband will return 100%. Meanwhile, she also admitted that it wouldn’t be easy and that his sense of humor would wane. Depression is also expected to be part of his recovery journey.

But, she assured herself, Jon is lucky. His physician said they never saw a stroke patient live or someone with as minor damage as Jon displayed. She hoped her spouse would be as lucky on the rest of his recovery journey.

Rollye James Illness
Rollye James’ husband, Jon, is the owner of KQSS and KJAA. (Image Source: WGN Radio)

The radio host admitted that a few EMTs and a PA asked whether she was okay. While guessing people might have found her wobbly, she said, “I’m stronger than everyone thinks when a crisis arises.

“So don’t worry about me at this time,” Rollye James said. Rollye didn’t forget to tell her fans that once she had a better understanding of the timetable, she would let them know when she would be back on the air live.

Rollye James Net Worth

Rollye James is one of the most accomplished radio personalities in America.

She has been working in the field for decades. According to ZipRecruiter, a Radio Talk Show Host earns around $108,137 as their median annual salary.

Thus, Rollye must also earn around that range. As a result, her net worth must be a significant sum.

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