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Roman Wilson butterfly tattoo has dragged the eyes of many people. Find out more details about it’s meaning and design.

Roman Wilson is a football wide receiver from the United States of America playing for the Michigan Wolverines, wearing jersey number 1.

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Furthermore, Wilson has been part of the Michigan team since 2020. The Hawaii native went to Saint Louis School in Honolulu. 

During his time at Saint Louis, he helped the team to a 38-game winning streak. Later, he received an offer to play for various teams but chose to be at the University of Michigan.

Apart from his professional life, his fans and followers often get curious about his personal life, mainly his tattoos.

A Look At Roman Wilson Butterfly Tattoo

As said earlier, Roman Wilson is famous not only for his outstanding playing skills but also for his amazing tattoos on his body.

Roman has a stunning butterfly tattoo on the back of his right hand. He has inked a big butterfly but has not made it colorful.

Further, Roman appears to be a tattoo lover as he has made various art on his different body parts. Due to that, people are asking various questions related to Wilson’s tattoos.

Roman Wilson Butterfly Tattoo
Roman Wilson has a stunning butterfly tattoo on the back of his right hand, which he often features on his IG posts. (Source: Instagram)

Wilson can be followed on Instagram under the username @trilllroman, where more than 41k people have followed him. From his IG account, Wilson often features his tattoos and shows them to his followers.

Despite showing his tattoos, Wilson has not said anything about them, and there are no more details about Roman’s amazing butterfly tattoo.

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Roman Wilson Butterly Tattoo Meaning and Design

Roman Wilson butterfly tattoo has gained everyone’s eyes, and people want to know the meaning behind it. However, Wilson has not said anything about his butterfly tattoo.

So, it can’t be said what is the reason behind Wilson making butterflies on his hand. There may be some reason why the football wide receiver may give some hints in the future.

Roman Wilson Butterly Tattoo Meaning
Roman Wilson has inked a beautiful butterfly tattoo on his right forearm often drags the eyes of many people. (Source: Instagram)

Not to mention, Butterfly tattoos symbolize femininity and beauty in their rarest forms. So, Wilson may have inked with respect to females.

Apart from that, Wilson has also made many tattoos on his body, which can be easily explored by following him on Instagram.

How Many Tattoos Does Roman Wilson Have?

Roman Wilson has more than three visible tattoos on his body. He has inked a butterfly on the backside of his right arm, and in the front, he has inked a mesmerizing eye.

An eye symbolizes various meanings in a tattoo, like protection, perception, and intuition. Furthermore, Roman seems to be a devoted Christian as he has inked a mind-blowing cross tattoo on his right forearm.

Roman Wilson Design
Roman Wilson has some tattoos on his right hand, which the football wide receiver often shares on his Instagram posts. (Source: Instagram)

A cross tattoo symbolizes *****, devotion, spirituality, freedom, and love. Not only that, but a cross tattoo is a must-have accessory for truly devout Christians according to its meaning. 

On the other hand, Roman may have inked some art in other parts of his body. More images of his amazing tattoos can be explored by following him on his social media handles. 

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