Romeo Lavia Brother

There has been a lot of curiosity about Romeo Lavia brother Joakim and Henri Braham Stanic. The footballer states that he is inspired by Barcelona player Sergio Busquets.

Romeo Lavia is a Belgium footballer whose playing prowess has won the admiration of many, making them his fans.

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He plays for the Belgium national team and EFL Championship club Southampton as a midfielder.

Further, Romeo participated in two official games in 2019 for the Belgium U15 and U16 youth teams, scoring once in both of them.

Since then, he has taken part in numerous friendly games and held the position of team captain. At 16, he joined Manchester City in 2022 and signed his first professional deal. 

Lavia joined the U18 and made an immediate impression. Later, he was promoted to the U-23 in November of that year after just eleven appearances.

Furthermore, the footballer joined Southampton and agreed to a five-year contract on July 6, 2022.

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Who Is Romeo Lavia, Brother Joakim And Henri Braham Stanic?

Romeo Lavias’ brothers Joakim and Henri Braham Stanic are football players like their brothers.

Joakim is the youngest among them and is equally competent as his two elder brothers.

Moreover, he serves as the captain of Anderlecth’s Under-14 team and the academy’s manager loves his performance.

Henri Brahamic, the oldest brother plays central defense for the Latvian football team. Currently, he is playing in Liepaja.

In the Latvia Virsliga, he has participated in 17 games so far this year. This season, the team conceded 21 goals when Henri Braham was on the field.

Romeo Lavias’ brother Henri also went two games without giving up a goal. In a total of 1169 minutes of play, he received three cards (Yellow and Red).

Romeo Lavia Brother
Romeo Lavia’s brothers Joakim and Henry are both football players. (Source: Uzomedia TV)

All three of the brothers grew up together in Belgium sharing the same interest in football. Also, they attended the same club for their initial training.

Talking about the brother’s relationship, they have a strong connection and support one another as they pursue their professional goals.

Additionally, the love and dedication of the sibling team to the sport has already brought them prominence at such a young age.

These kind and hardworking men have a bright future ahead of them. Also, their performances in their next matches will undoubtedly win them more admirers and boost their fame.

Likewise, their notoriety and talent have encouraged many people to pursue a professional career in sports.

Furthermore, the young players are already impressing their families and followers through their games.

Romeo Lavia And His Brothers’ Age Gap And Family

Romeo Lavia was born on 6 January 2004; his age is currently 20 years.

The younger brother Joakim was born on  9 March 2009, and his age is recently 14 years.

Similarly, his elder brother Henri Braham Stanic was born on 18 July 2002 and is currently 21 years old.

Calculating the age difference between the brothers it is known that Romeo and Henri have an age gap of just two years. At the same time, he has a six-year gap with his younger brother Joakim. 

Lavias’ parents have managed to stay away from the eyes of the media, keeping their details private.

Through his mother and father, it is known that the footballer is of Belgian Ghanaian-Congolese ancestry.

Romeo Lavia Brother
Romeo Lavia’s family has always supported him in his football career. (Source: Life Blogger)

Despite remaining out of the spotlight, the parents’ contribution towards their children is inexplicable.

Romeos’ father and mother have worked day and night to provide the best life for their kids.

They have instilled moral values in their sons, as a result of which they have grown out to be a kind and generous person.

Also, Romeo and his brothers are doing great in their professional lives and have a promising future ahead.

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