Romy Deckert Wikipedia

Romy Deckert Wikipedia: get to know the daughter of renowned German actress Claudelle Deckert.

Romy Deckert is a German actress who is known for her appearance in the soap opera Unter uns. She appeared in one episode of long-running soap opera. 

Apart from her role in the soap opera, Romy Deckert is also known as the daughter of prominent German actress Claudelle Deckert.

Romy has come to the spotlight following the news of her pregnancy. Let’s get to know more about Claudelle Deckert’s daughter in today’s short piece.

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Romy Deckert Wikipedia And Alter

Romy Deckert is a German actress who is known for her appearance in the long-running soap opera Unter uns.

Unter uns is a German soap opera that RTL has been airing since 28 November 1994, every day from Monday through Friday. The show focuses on the people of Germany’s Schillerallee in Cologne.

Besides, Romy is widely recognized as the daughter of prominent German actress Claudelle Deckert.

Romy Deckert Wikipedia
Romy Deckert with her star mother, Claudelle Deckert. (Image Source: Instagram)

Claudelle’s daughter appeared in one episode of the RTL show. Also, she has not worked on any other projects. It looks like she has bid her farewell to the acting industry.

It is unknown what Romy does for a living. In her Instagram bio, she wrote, “Earthling.” She added, “Einfach ich – Schön, dass du da bist, which translates to “Just me – nice to have you here.”

Moreover, Romy Deckert often appears with her famous mother at several public functions and events. The mother and daughter share a solid bond. They appear inseparable. 

Claudelle’s Instagram feed is flooded with her daughter’s picture. We can see how close the mother and daughter are.

As for her age, Romy’s birth details are yet to be made public. However, looking at her picture, we can assume that the young lady is in her mid-twenties or late twenties.

Meet Romy Deckert Vater (Father)

Romy Deckert’s father is Tom Lemke. The young lady’s father was one of the best photographers in German.

Sadly, Tom Lemke passed away in April 2017. It is unclear whether or not Romy’s parents were married. Nonetheless, Claudelle and Tom’s relationship resulted in Romy’s birth.

Regarding Romy’s relationship with her father, there is scanty information. But she must have been close with her late dad. In December 2016, Romy shared a picture and wrote in the caption, “Dad and daughter.”

Romy Deckert Wikipedia
Romy Deckert’s father, Tom Lemke, passed away in April 2017. (Image Source: Instagram)

It looks like Romy grew up spending time with both of her parents. Though Romy’s time with her father was cut short, she must have had a wonderful time together.

Claudelle Deckert Daughter Romy Deckert Is Pregnant

Romy Deckert is expecting her first baby together with her partner or husband. Romy’s partner’s name is unknown, but he is active on Instagram under the username

While Romy and her partner are obviously delighted, her mother, Claudelle, is also on cloud nine. The Rote Rosen star has bombarded her Instagram feed with her daughter’s picture. In the snaps, Romy can be seen with a huge baby bump.

Romy’s mom, who is very excited to become a grandmother, wrote on one of her IG posts that her heart skips a beat while waiting for her grandchild, to be precise, a grandson. 

“I can’t wait to feel those little hands, kiss those delicate little feet, wipe poopoo off the back of my neck, stroke that chubby tummy, and… soak up this lovely, sweet baby scent,” added Romy’s mom.

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