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Unfortunately, it’s not an SUI day for Ronaldo fans, as he let drop some disturbing and shocking revelations about his daughter’s illness.

Strictly speaking, his recent interview with Piers Morgan created a shockwave of division among the fan base after he talks about Ronaldo’s daughter’s illness.

Ronaldo and Manchester United (MU) Fans are divided after the short clips of Ronaldo’s interview, showing his dissatisfaction with the club, which have been released on many social media platforms.

The legendary footballer is having a tough time with his game points (game time in MU) dropping down.

Not only that, but he has had his mental state and emotional breakdown after the passing away of his daughter.

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Ronaldo Daughter Illness: What Happened To Bella Esmeralda?

Sadly, it’s not an SUI day for Cristiano Ronaldo fans, as he discloses disturbing and shocking revelations about his daughter’s illness there.

Ronaldo’s daughter, Bella Esmeralda, was hospitalized with bronchitis in July this year.

Ronaldo daughter family-Bella-Esmeralda
Ronaldo holding his daughter Bella Esmeralda with his family. (Source: Today)

The Portuguese legend had to leave his pre-season game with MU to stay with his daughter. The club confirmed on July 7 that he would not participate in Ten Hag and his squad.

Although it seems quite simple and accessible from the outside, Ronaldo recently revealed this wasn’t the case.

Recently on 16 November, his interview with one of the controversial journalist, Piers Morgan, revealed the other side of this story.

One of the greatest football players of this era, Ronaldo, said

They (referring to Manchester United executive members) didn’t believe that my daughter was sick. I mean how could I prove to the club’s head executives that I need time to deal with my family issues? It’s just sad and disappointing.

Indeed, the legendary player had to suffer a lot this year. Truly, it feels good that the player has opened up about his problems publicly.

Current Health Update: Is Esmeralda In Hospital?

After the tragic passing away of Ronaldo’s baby twin son, all were praying for his baby daughter, Bella Esmeralda, for her good health. Likewise, her parents revealed her name on 8 May 2022.

Ronaldo daughter Bella Esmeralda
Ronaldo’s baby daughter Bella Esmeralda’s beautiful smile. (Source: Sky)

Yes, Esmeralda was in the hospital for the treatment of bronchitis. As of now, her health is recovering every day.

Likewise, the Portugal captain missed his pre-season game with Manchester United to take care of his daughter. However, Old Trafford’s senior figures treated him with suspicion.

Also, Ronaldo is dissatisfied with Man Utd. Hierarchy, hinting towards the Glazer family not caring about the legendary club.

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Ronaldo Media Controversy

The Portuguese footballer’s recent media interview with Piers Morgan has created controversy.

As of now, only the short preview of the 90 mins interview is out, and the world is already divided.

Ronaldo interview 2022
Cristiano Ronaldo interview with Piers Morgan in 2022. (Source: YouTube)

Similarly, Ronaldo’s full interview will air on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

The legendary captain has shown dissatisfaction with his current club Manchester United.

Ronaldo has straight out said that he has no respect for his current manager Ten Hag as Ten Hag doesn’t respect him.

Although the Qatar World Cup is a few weeks away, the world is arguing with heated debates regarding Man Utd. and Ronaldo.

The always-vocal footballer is having a tough time with his game points (game time in MU) dropping down.

Not only that, but he has had a mental state and emotional breakdown after the passing away of his son.

Many claims he is not as great as he used to be due to his age and ego, but his true fans are still backing his side and hoping for his gameplay recovery.

We all want to see Ronaldo do his signature SUI in the Qatar World Cup 2022. Sadly, this is the legend’s last World Cup, and we hope that the Portugal captain brings home the golden cup this year.

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