One of the talented personalities in the music industry Ronnie DeVoe’s net worth is $15 million.

Devoe is a popular rapper, singer-songwriter, and actor who have spilled his magic over the entertainment industry.

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Ronnie DeVoe has amassed his fortune and reputation as a member of the iconic R&B groups New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe.

The heartthrob of millions has captivated audiences worldwide with his outstanding rapping skills and hit albums.

Roonie DeV0e Posing (Souce: Pinterest)

He is an American singer-rapper born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States.

Ronnie DeVoe has withstood the test of time despite beginning his career decades ago. This shows how determined and ambitious man he is.

He is a true inspiration to many inside and outside of the entertainment industry.

Ronnie DeVoe | Quick Facts

Here are some details about the rapper Ronnie. Let’s look deeper and find out a little more about him.

Full Name Ronald Boyd DeVoe Jr.
Celebrated As Ronnie DeVoe
Date of Birth November 17, 1967
Place of Birth  Roxbury, Massachusetts
Residency Marietta, Georgia
Age 56 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed ( English, Danish, Irish, and German)
Gender Male
Horoscope Aquarius
Religion Christian
Father Ronald Boyd
Mother Flo Devoe
Relationship Status Married
Wife Shamari Fears
Children Ronald III, Roman Elijah
Height 6feet 1 inches
Weight 75 kg
Eye Color Dark brown
Hair Color Brown
Education Newton North High School
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Actor
 Social Media  Twitter, Instagram
Net Worth $15 Million
Last Update April 2024

Ronnie DeVoe | Net Worth and Income

The affluent musician Ronnie DeVoe’s net worth is a staggering $15 million. He has amassed a sizable fortune out of his successful music career.

His album releases, performances, and musical tours have contributed to his ever-increasing wealth.

The rapper made $1 million from the album All for Love and $2.1 million from the album Home Again. These huge sales cemented his name in the music industry.

His other record sales are an equal success. Therefore we can safely conclude that album sales have contributed significantly to his net worth.

Apart from that, Ronnie is also a businessman associated with real estate trading.

A good chunk of his huge fortune has been contributed by his real estate dealings.

Furthermore, Ronnie makes good money through endorsement deals and advertising. After all, he has successfully created a brand image for himself.

Ronnie Devoe Net Worth in Different Currencies

Let’s check out Ronnie Devoe’s net worth in different currencies, including cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €13,083,675
Pound Sterling £ 10,924,725
Australian Dollar A$ 20,535,285
Canadian Dollar C$ 18,704,025
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,108,580,250
BitCoin ฿ 341.24

Ronnie DeVoe | Houses and Cars


One of the prolific R&B artists of his generation Ronnie DeVoe’s net worth is an enormous $15 million.

Ronnie lives in a million-dollar mansion which was his childhood dream.

He is certainly living his dream.

The talented rocker lives with his adorable wife in Marietta, Georgia.

DeVoe couple purchased this million-dollar home in 2005. The classic home has every opulence that the couple desires.

Similarly, Ron has acquired a number of houses around California for family vacations and summer retreats.


Having a million-dollar bank balance and upgrading the garage is practically every millionaire’s favorite pastime.

Ronnie is a great automobile enthusiast, and his vehicle can rival anyone else’s.

His vehicles, on the other hand, are rarely seen in public.

The star has Lamborghini, Porsche 911, and Mercedes in his collection.

However, his go-to vehicles are the Audi R8 and the Range Rover.

We can confidently conclude his garage is worth at least a million dollars.

Ronnie DeVoe | Lifestyle and Vacations

Ronnie DeVoe’s net worth as of April 2024 is a whopping $15 million.

One of the brightest stars in the music industry also shines brightly in his personal life.

He likes to read books about investment and real estate. Furthermore, Ronnie also shares his ideas about entrepreneurship with people through interviews.

He has confessed that he never knew the concept of saving and investing money. It was all due to the failures that he endured during the process, made him stronger and savvier.

Therefore, he keeps on bringing innovative ideas to his business as he does in music.

He invests his money in his health and appearance and never misses a chance to treat paparazzi.

The handsome hunk married Shimara Feras in 2006. The pair walked down the aisle in a private and lavish ceremony following a long-term romance.

Ronnie With His Family (Source: Instagram profile)

The star has proved himself as a great husband and father. He always takes time to make his family happy with his attention, time, presents, or surprise getaways.


The couples are frequently seen on the beaches of Hawaii or Miami.

Similarly, he and his wife go on dinner dates and parties to honor their love and married life.

Fans also love to watch their favorite band members go on a vacation and share beautiful moments on Instagram.

Recently, one of the member’s wives shared her birthday party photos, where Ronnie was seen enjoying on a luxury yacht.

Ronnie also loves to take a break from the band’s tour and enjoy beautiful places around. Recently, he was seen with Brown, a member of his band, enjoying beautiful city lights in Shanghai, China.

Ronnie DeVoe | Charity

The star’s heart is gentle despite his fierce rapping.

He has a special corner for society’s underprivileged members.

Ronnie has performed at several charitable events to raise donations for causes and organizations.

The rapper has also campaigned for the health and education of children with autism.

Similarly, he has done several fashion shows to raise funds for various charitable campaigns.

Even though he is actively involved in humanitarian activities, he never reveals his charitable acts.

Ronnie DeVoe | Music, Movies, Investments, & Endorsements



The rapper has shone brightly in the music industry.

His albums are adored by people of all ages all around the world.

His music group has sold millions of records earning a large sum of money for all the band members.

New Edition

DeVoe’s music group New Edition has a huge fan following.

Some of the iconic tracks from the album include Candygirl, New Edition title track, All For Love, and Under the Blue Moon.

Likewise, Heart Break, Home Again, and One Love have separate fan bases.

Bell Biv DeVoe

Ronnie’s other music group Bell Biv DeVoe also created similar hype, like earning him more fame and popularity.

B.B.D. and Poison were two of the album’s hits. The album was a huge success, selling over five million copies.

Later the same year, in 1993, the band released a follow-up album titled Hootie Mack.

Ronald Boyd and the founding members of New Edition released their Home Again album three years later.

I’m Still in Love with You and Hit Me Off were two of the album’s tracks.

It was reported that Ronnie garnered more than $5 million from the sales of this album alone.


The rapper has also explored his career in the film industry.

He has appeared in multiple TV series and movies.

He appeared in Think Like A Man Too, Girls Trip, and Kush Groove.

Moreover, he has made guest appearances on numerous TV shows and talk shows.


As of April 2024 Ronnie DeVoe’s net worth is a massive $15 million.

Ronnie is not only a musician, but he is also a real estate developer.

He co-owns DeVoe Broker Associates, a real estate firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

They have established Key Unlock Dreams, initiative and partnered with National Housing Center. 

This collaboration will definitely grow his company more and eventually grow his fortune.

The rapper has several properties leased, giving him a large return.

Moreover, he also has his private recording company called Personal Line Inc.

Being a part of these ventures has contributed significantly to Ronnie’s riches throughout the years.


The handsome hunk has become a global brand and has endorsed various products.

His fashion sense and killer picks have led him to become a brand ambassador for several fashion businesses.

Ronnie also earns money through endorsement deals with sportswear.

He has appeared in ads for beverages, deodorants, and automobiles.

Ronnie and his wife has been featured on several magazine cover pages including Plastiq! Magazine.

Ronnie DeVoe | Career

DeVoe has been fascinated by music and musical instruments since he was a child.

He always wanted to be a successful singer who influenced the lives of millions of people.

Brooke Payne, his uncle, was the choreographer for the New Edition.

DeVon credits his excellent career to his uncle.

After winning second place in a talent competition, New Edition was signed to the Streetwise record company by music producer Maurice Starr.

As the band’s fame grew in America, Ronnie became a member of the country’s best-selling boy band in the mid-and late-1980s, which greatly increased his net worth.

Ronnie DeVoe
Ronnie DeVoe (Source: Networthbro)

Following the dissolution of New Edition in 1990, DeVoe and fellow New Edition members Ricky Bell and Michael Bivins created the R&B/hip-hop duo Bell Biv DeVoe.

Interesting Facts About Ronnie Devoe

  • Besides being an amazing vocalist, Ronnie is also a very skilled dancer.
  • He gained greater fame when “New Edition” was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Ronnie was the second-to-last member to join New Edition, after Johnny Gill.

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Is the band Веll Віv DеVое still active?

The band ” Веll Віv DеVое” is still going strong. The last album they released was Three Stripes in 2017, which reveals that they are still very active.

Are the members of New Edition still friends?

Ronnie, Bobby, Rickie, Mike, and their families go on vacation together, and it’s adorable.

The childhood buddies who created New Edition as youngsters and became one of the largest R&B groups of all time are still the best of friends forty years later.

How did Ronnie approach Shamari?

Ron said that they met in 2001 during an after-party for Janet Jackson’s MTV Icon Award celebration. Ronnie was in the club with Bobby Brown when he reached Shamari with a couple of clean lines.

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