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Rosa is a famous Catalan Actress. Get insights on Rosa Andreu Wikipedia details and more on her personal life. 

Rosa Andreu is a well-known Catalan actress as well as a Television presenter. She first gained notoriety from her works on Malalts de tele, released in 1997.

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A humorous talk show, Malalts de tele, is hosted by Toni Soler and Rosa Andreu as a married pair, ironically summarizing the most recent news.

Her other notable works include Heros, released in 2010, and Animals, released in 2012. 

Meet Rosa Andreu Marit: Is The Catalan Actress Married?

Many believe that the Catalan Actress is married to Toni Soler. However, it is not the case. 

For years, the Actress and the writer Soler played the role of husband and wife so well that many of the audience thought they were married.

Rosa Andreu Marit
Rosa Andreu returned to TV3 in 2021. (Source: El Nacional)

However, the 64-year-old Actress returned to Some More Questions to clarify that even after the previous program, when frustrated with the audience’s failure to get the joke.

Rosa admitted, “La Rosa and I love each other very much, but we are not married for real.”

Rosa Andreu Is Listed On Wikipedia

Rosa has been listed in the famous online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Despite having worked and gained good notoriety for her works, Wikipedians have little information about her.

According to her Wikipedia page, when GTIV del Vendrell was established in 1983, she began working in theater.

She met Ferm Fernández and Actor Oriol Grau in 1988. They established the Tarragona-based Trono Villegas Theater Company.

She continues to collaborate with the ensemble through the year 2000. She debuted in Untitled and Untitled Two on TV3 with Andreu Buenafuente.

Rosa Andreu Wikipedia
Rosa Andreu was given the protagonists’ skin in a monologue style. (Source:

Following that, from 1995 to 2000, Toni Soler, Albert Om, and Rosa worked together in Malalts de Tele.

She has also served as a presenter for the shows La nit amb…, Check it out, and the Qui corre vola competition from 2001 to 2003.

She has honed a significant portion of her artistic talents in the theater, participating in the “Trono Villegas” collective’s productions like “El sex nostre de cada dia.”

It was directed by Oriol Grau and won the “The Best of 97” award for the best collective female performance.

And Sopa de radio, another Oriol Grau-directed production commissioned by the SER to mark the 75th jubilee and performed all over the State. She also participated in the play Front and Back, directed by Alexander Holms.

She was a co-protagonist in the play Chicas Malas, directed by ngel Alonso, at the Teatre Principal and the Teatre Borràs, respectively, in Barcelona.

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Rosa Andreu Edad: How Old Is The Catalan Actress?

Andreu is 64 years old as of 2024. She was born to her parents on June 19, 1959, in ​​Catalonia, Spain.

She spent most of her childhood in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona, and was raised there alongside her parents.

The identity of her parents has not been addressed on any websites or social media platforms. As a result, we do not have any information on her parents.

Although no information about her parents is available to the public, some sources claim she had very supportive parents who encouraged her in everything she did.

Rosa was entitled the new ambassador of the Ruta del Xató 2004-2005, at the age of 45 years. She assumed control at the route’s ending celebration on April 28 at the Avi Pau restaurant in Cunit.

But that was not the only innovation of the time; for the first time in history, a woman held the ambassador position at that time.

Especially M. Rosa Andreu, a renowned and well-liked Actress who became famous for various TV programs.

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