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Lelio Luttazzi’s wife, Rossana Luttazzi, has come to the spotlight following her appearance in the recent episode of “Domenica In.” Here is Rossana Luttazzi Wikipedia and everything we know about the late composer’s spouse.

Lelio Luttazzi was a legendary musician from Italy. The late singer-composer’s musical prowess garnered significant fame throughout his career.

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Besides his success in the music industry, Luttazzi was also an actor, writer, and television and radio presenter. Unfortunately, the Trieste-born musician died on 8 July 2010.

Lelio Luttazzi died after suffering from a serious illness called peripheral neuropathy. His disease got worse three months before his passing.

The 21 May episode of an Italian television show broadcasted by Rai 1 channel – Domenica in – featured Lelio Luttazzi’s wife, Rossana Luttazzi. She remembers the musician fondly.

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Rossana Luttazzi Wikipedia And Eta: How Old Is Lelio Luttazzi Moglie?

Rossan Luttazzi was the second wife of the renowned Italian musician Lelio Luttazzi.

Rossana Luttazzi’s maiden name is Moretti. She was born in 1951. Thus as of 2024, Rossana is 73 years old.

Luttazzi’s wife fondly remembered her late husband in the 21 May episode of the “Domenica in.”

The 73-year-old lady currently serves as the president of the Lelio Luttazzi Foundation.

She is also an organizer of the Lelio Luttazzi Prize, which honors the outstanding musician and promoter of new music in Italy.

In addition, Rossana is also an Honorary President of the Network of Festivals, an association that helps to protect and develop the Festivals for rising music in the country.

Nonetheless, the composer’s wife dedicates her life to serving her husband’s legacy.

Lelio Luttazzi And Rossana Luttazzi Marital Life

Rossana met her late husband for the first time in 1976. Rossana crossed paths with Lelio in the house of a journalist friend. At the time, the beautiful lady was working at Il Giornale.

Rossana Luttazzi Wikipedia
Rossana Luttazzi was the second wife of the late composer Lelio Luttazzi. (IMage Source: Fanpage and Biografie Online)

The Luttazzi couple’s love story didn’t begin immediately. The pair had 28 years of the age gap.

Despite nearly thirty years of age difference, their love bloomed, and they married in 1979.

The composer’s spouse said their love was born somewhat by chance at a dinner with a colleague.

According to Rossana, they exchanged the marriage vow in a fairytale wedding ceremony. The lovely duo welcomed a daughter, Donatella.

The pair were together for over three decades. Rossana was married to the late singer until his *****.

The couple met five years after the judicial error involving the composer. The incident occurred in 1970. Lelio Luttazzi was arrested and charged with using and selling drugs.

The late composer spent 27 days in prison in Regina Coeli before his release. His name was cleared. The story was featured in a movie.

Rosanna Luttazzi, who referred to the incident as “a bloody affair and injustice,” said it marked her spouse forever.

She hoped people would understand the situation with the movie.

Lelio Luttazzi First Wife Magda Prendini

The late Italian musician Lelio Luttazzi exchanged marital vows twice in his life. His first marriage was with Magda Prendini.

The former pair walked down the aisle in 1948. Lelio and Magda were together for over a decade and led a blissful marital life. However, their union couldn’t last forever.

The legendary musician parted ways with his first spouse, Magda Prendini, fifteen years after marriage in 1963.

Lelio met his second wife, Rosanna, thirteen years after his divorce.

It is unclear whether the composer had any kids with his first spouse.

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About Rossana Luttazzi Family Background

Rossana Luttazzi, born Rossana Moretti, is recognized as the second spouse of the illustrious Italian musician Lelio Luttazzi.

Although her marriage to Luttazzi cast her into the public eye, she has maintained a tight-lipped stance concerning her family’s ethnicity and background.

Rossana has not disclosed her parents’ names, nor has she divulged any information about her family’s ethnic heritage.

In the realm of public figures, preserving a semblance of privacy regarding personal matters, such as family and ethnicity, is a common choice.

This discretion shields one’s loved ones from undue scrutiny while preserving a sense of normalcy amidst the glare of the public spotlight.

Rossana Luttazzi’s commitment to safeguarding her privacy ensures that she is not overshadowed by her husband’s fame, allowing her to craft her own distinct identity.

Consequently, the enigma surrounding her family’s ethnicity persists, respecting her choice to maintain secrecy on this matter.

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