Roudhan Beckwith Accident

Roudhan Beckwith accident has garnered the netizens’ attention as he died in a very unfortunate incident, falling from a fifth-floor window.

Roudhan Beckwith, a 20-year-old student met with an unfortunate accident while on a trip to Belgium with friends, resulting in his death.

Beckwith, described as a beloved individual by his colleagues, fell from a fifth-floor apartment window on June 16.

The details during a Bradford Coroner’s Court hearing revealed that Roudhan and his group had just arrived at their apartment the day before the incident.

According to Victoria Normington, the coroner’s officer, Roudhan had been in bed near the window on the first evening of their stay.

At some point during the night, he fell from the window and tragically succumbed to multiple injuries, with his death being confirmed at 5:40 am the following morning.

Let’s learn more about this case and what kind of person Roudhan Beckwith was.

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Roudhan Beckwith Accident Linked To Death Cause

A young man named Roudhan Philip Beckwith from Huddersfield tragically lost his life while on vacation after falling from a fifth-floor window.

As mentioned, the accident details were presented to Assistant Coroner Ian Pears at Bradford Coroners Court.

Beckwith, 20, who had previously attended Holmfirth High School, was part of a group of nine friends visiting Brussels when the incident occurred last month.

Roudhan Beckwith Accident
Beckwith passed away after a tragic incident where he fell from a window while on a trip to Belgium with his friends (Source: Yustart)

The coroner’s officer, Victoria Normington, provided a brief overview of the circumstances, stating that Roudhan passed away on Friday, June 16, 2023.

Roudhan, a resident of Holmfirth, Huddersfield, had embarked on the trip to Belgium with his friends on June 15 and was scheduled to return home on June 19.

According to the court proceedings, the group stayed in an apartment on the fifth floor of Rue Brogniez in the Anderlecht area.

During the hearing, it was disclosed that on the Friday in question, Roudhan was in bed near a window, as stated by Ms. Normington.

She informed the court, “At some point during the night, Roudhan fell from one of the apartment windows and unfortunately succumbed to the injuries he sustained.

The coroner has requested statements from Roudhan’s family, his GP, a post-mortem report, and further details from the police in Brussels.

An inquest into Roudhan’s death is anticipated in January of the upcoming year.

More On Roudhan Beckwith: Injury Update

Roudhan Beckwith’s passing was confirmed at 5:40 am on June 16. It was determined that he suffered multiple injuries, ultimately leading to his demise.

However, the details of the injury or autopsy have not been disclosed to the public. Following his death, heartfelt tributes have been poured in for the young man.

One of the earliest tributes came from the Holmfirth Vineyard restaurant, where Roudhan worked part-time alongside his studies.

Roudhan Beckwith Accident
Roudhan Beckwith’s death was due to multiple injuries; however, the post-mortem report is yet to arrive (Image Source: Flickr)

The restaurant’s team expressed their profound devastation over his loss, remembering him for his radiant smile, contagious laughter, and strong work ethic.

They further emphasized how deeply everyone loved Roudhan, including his peers, teammates, and customers.

Along with Holmfirth Vineyard, several others conveyed their condolences and thoughts to his parents, family, and younger brother.

Assistant Coroner Ian Pears adjourned the hearing to await further information from Belgian authorities, statements from Roudhan’s family, and a post-mortem report.

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