Ryan Michler Divorce

Ryan Michler divorce is a big shock to his fans and followers worldwide. But why did the media personality parted ways with his spouse with whom he had four children?

Ryan Michler is a well-known media personality who is best known for being the founder of Order of Man. In addition, he is also a husband, father, and Iraqi Combat Veteran.

Order of Man is a YouTube channel geared toward motivated and aspirational men who want to improve themselves and become better partners, fathers, company owners, and civic leaders.

They do podcast interviews with the world’s most successful guys and offer advice, techniques, and methods to help men clarify their goals, gain self-mastery, forge connections, develop as leaders, and master their businesses and finances.

Today’s article revolves around the Order of Man founder’s marriage, divorce, kids and former wife. Keep reading!

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Ryan Michler Divorce Reason Wife Miss Trish: Settlement Details

In April 2023, Ryan Michler posted a picture with a long note addressing his divorce and several other personal life details. The Order of Man founder disclosed that he was in the last stage of divorce at the time.

In the post, the author said 2022 was the hardest season of his life. He said he struggled horribly with alcoholism, and it was ruining his life, while also stating that he took several steps to put the alcohol down and purge it from his life.

Ryan Michler Divorce
Ryan Michler and his wife, Tricia Michler (pictured above), parted ways after ending over two decades of marriage. (Image Source: Order of Man)

Ryan said after being alcohol-free, he did everything to put his life back on the path that he had deviated so far from over the past several years. 

“Although my health has significantly improved and my ability to show up for the people I care about has grown, I’ve been dealing with the impact and aftermath of collateral damage I left in my path,” stated Michler.

Furthermore, Michler disclosed that he had been fighting for his marriage and family. He said, “Unfortunately, and with great sadness, I have done irreparable harm by allowing alcohol to take a foothold in my life. And, with a heavy heart, I am at the end of my divorce.”

Michler ended his note, admitting that he loved his ex-wife, Miss Trish, and still believed in marriage and the power of family.

The Michler couple’s divorce settlement details are yet to be made public.

Ryan Michler And Miss Trish Relationship History

Ryan Michler’s ex-wife, Tricia Michler, first crossed paths in early 2000. The former couple had been together for two decades.

During their long marital life, Ryan and his wife went on to have four kids. Both of them were committed to being good to one another and raising their precious kids the best they could.

Ryan Michler Divorce
Ryan Michler and his former wife, Tricia Michler, welcomed four kids together. (Image Source: Order of Man)

In June 2022, Tricia Michler appeared on one of the Order of Man episodes to discuss various topics and answer some of the most pressuring questions.

At that time, Ryan Michler said his lovely wife, miss Trish, had been his single greatest priority and pursuit since they met over 20 years ago.

During the talk, no one noticed any issues with their marriage. So, their divorce news is a bit shocking.

Moreover, Ryan Michler’s ex-wife, Trish Michler, is a doting mother, lover, gardener, beekeeper, chauffeur, chef, certified Master Canner, and many other titles that come with being a homemaker.

Many people wondered if Miss Trish would start her own podcast and movement. But Ryan said not to ask the question as he had asked her a million times.

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