Rylan Clark-Neal's illness

Readers and admirers are anxious about Rylan Clark-Neal’s illness after he mentioned his mentioned on the Sundays Times Bestseller, Ten: the decade that changes my Future.

Ross Richard Clark, famed by his stage name Rylan Clark is a regular English broadcaster and model. 

 The English Broadcaster judged Celebrity Big Brother’s eleventh season and placed sixth on The X Factor’s ninth season.

Big Brother’s famed Rylan has appeared in numerous television reality shows, including; Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, Xtra Factor, This Morning, The Up Late with Rylan, Ready Steady Cook, You Are What You Wear, and Supermarket Sweep.

Besides television broadcasting, Rylan began modeling at 16 and was a finalist in the Sky Living modeling series Signed by Katie Price. 

The model chose the stage name “Rylan,” which he came up with after going into a WHSmith store and selecting the name from a baby name book’s R section.

What Illness Does Rylan Clark-Neal Have?

In an interview, Rylan stated that in 2021 at London’s Royal Festival Hall, his “heart stopped,” and was twice taken to the hospital.

During the split from his husband, Dan Neal, the Big Brother winner admitted to a terrifying ordeal.

Rylan Clark-Neal's illness
Rylan and hubby Dan were the first gay couple ever to present This Morning (Source: TheSun)

Rylan, at the launch of his new book Ten: The Decade That Changed My Future, said: ‘he didn’t just get mentally ill, he got physically ill.’

The television star spent five months out of the spotlight when his six-year marriage ended because of his failing health.

He had previously claimed to have lost only nine stones, which caused him to get admitted to the hospital for “safety reasons” after rejecting food.

After the emergency trip to the hospital, the Big Brother contestant received an injection that helped his heart start beating more regularly. 

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Rylan Clark-Neal Family: Meet His Husband, Dan Neal

According to sources, Rylans had been appearing with his mother on Celebrity Gogglebox until she got ill.

His absence from the show was his mother’s illness; who has been battling Crohn’s since her 30s. After contracting sepsis, his mother almost died in 2018, as this causes inflammation in the lining of the digestive system.

In September 2014, Ryan engaged Big Brother 14 housemate Dan Neal. Later, the Big Brother pair got married on November 7, 2015.

Former Police officer Dan Neal is known to be bisexual. His husband was sent to the hospital for an “extended stay,” which resulted in him missing his BBC Radio 2 show for two weeks.

 On June 27, 2021, the media announced they separated after six years of marriage following Ryan’s confession regarding cheating on Dan.

His husband, Dan, decided to take a break from TV last year for the sake of his mental health, according to The Sun.

Rylan Clark-Neal Ethnicity: Is He British?

The 34 years old model was born on October 25, 1988, in Stepney, East London, England. 

Rylan’s ethnicity is British English, and his nationality is English.

The BBC broadcaster tweeted on January 21 that his autobiography, The Life of Rylan, would be released on June 30. This announcement led to the book debuting at number one on The Sunday Times Bestsellers List.

Rylan Clark-Neal's illness
Rylan Clark-Neal tweeted on January 21 that his autobiography, The Life of Rylan, would be released on June 30.(Source: Hachette)

In addition to his work as a model, the Broadcaster portrayed Ryan, an air steward, in the 2016 movie Fabulous: The Movie.

In Ibiza, Rylan played in several Take That and Westlife tribute bands. From 2006 to 2010, he was a member of the Spanish boy band 4bidden.

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