Sabrina Greenlee Acid Attack

This article will talk about Sabrina Greenlee’s acid ****** story in 2022. Sabrina Greenlee is the mother of professional football wide receiver Deandre Hopkins.

Hopkins and his mother seem to share a great relationship; she calls him Nuk as of love.

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Hopkins is well-known as a professional football player, playing for the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. His mother often is present to support him in his game. 

People now know the player’s mother as an inspiration after she shared her acid ****** story in public. 

This article will involve everything you need to know about his mother’s story, which has inspired many women. 

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Sabrina Greenlee Acid ****** Story

As October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, Sabrina Greenlee shared her story about an acid ******. 

Greenlee was blinded because of the acid ****** made by one of the women whose boyfriend was cheating on her with Greenlee. 

When she faced the ******, she knew what was going on; she stayed in a hospital and was in a coma for ten days.

DeAndre Hopkins' mom overcomes domestic abuse that left her blind
DeAndre Hopkins’ mom overcomes domestic abuse that left her blind. (Source: KHOU)

She was left to die at the gas station, and it was fierce to do something like that. 

The ****** almost cause her life, and she wanted to give up at some point, but she stayed strong and supported her son. 

She mentioned that when she was at the hospital, she thought this was it and would never return to her everyday life.

While Greenlee faced the ******, Hopkins was just ten years old; the incident happened in 2002. Hopkins said that he did not realize how much his mother was suffering.

You don’t know what the next day will bring for you. But Greenlee stayed strong, and now she became present in every match with her son as a proud mother.

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What Happened To Deandre Hopkins’s Mom, Sabrina Greenlee?

Deandre Hopkins’s mother is a powerful and inspirational woman; she lost her vision in an acid ******. 

Although she couldn’t see, she never gave up on herself; this was her third domestic violence.

Greenlee faced two domestic violence back when she was living with a partner. She did not share much about the violence she faced, but she almost gave up at the time. 

‘Brave & Beautiful’: The story of DeAndre Hopkins’ mom
‘Brave & Beautiful’: The story of DeAndre Hopkins’ mom. (Image Source: FirstSportz)

Also, at present, she runs a non-profit Campaign to help victims of domestic abuse. Many of them believed in her and have been staying with us. 

She has been successful in helping and inspiring many women with her story and the Campaign.

Although, it was hard for her to look after her children when she suffered from the ******. Now, she is happy that she never gave up and has been able to be with them.

Along with his mother, Greenlee, he also shared that it was hard not to have his mother back and presence in any games. 

But now, she always is present in his game for his support, and it’s good to have his mother’s back.

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