Sachzna Laparan Scandal

Sachzna Laparan Scandal has made its place on the Internet as the fans of the actress have been curious if she has landed in some online trouble once again.

Sachzna Laparan is an actress renowned for performing in various films and television shows.

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Notable projects in her portfolio include “Katips” (2021), “Five Breakups and a Romance” (2023), and “Happy Breakup” (2017).

Born on May 27, 1998, Sachzna stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. Likewise, beyond her acting career, Sachzna has cultivated a substantial social media presence.

Expanding her online reach, Laparan maintains a YouTube channel named “Sachzna,” where she shares various videos.

This multi-talented actress has successfully engaged a wide audience across multiple platforms, showcasing her versatility on and off the screen.

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Sachzna Laparan Scandal And Leaked Video

Sachzna Laparan is an actress and social media personality who shares her life with her generous followers. 

She boasts over 3 million followers on Instagram, sharing glimpses of her professional and personal life under the handle @sachzna.

Additionally, Sachzna is active on Facebook, with a page with an impressive 3.7 million likes. Her Facebook presence is under the name Sachzna Laparan.

Sachzna Laparan Scandal
Sachzna Laparan has previously been a victim of online photo-abusing (Source: Interaksyon)

Someone with such an influencing online presence is always on the radar of getting their content manipulated and the information being leaked.

The same thing was assumed with Sachzna Laparan, as she was rumored to have her personal video leaked on social media.

Fortunately, nothing much had happened, and it was only a rumor. This is not the first time the social media personality has faced this problem.

In 2020, Laparan’s name was spiked on the Internet with the news that her nude pictures had been released on the Internet.

An unauthorized video surfaced on the internet, revealing Laparan engaged in explicit and offensive acts, including nudity and the exposure of private parts.

This unexpected content has disappointed her fan base, as it deviates from their expectations of her.

During the pandemic, Sachzna kept herself in quarantine at home, trying to channel her artistic pursuits.

She also shared an image showcasing her painting, a creative endeavor to shift the focus back to her artistic talents amid the controversies surrounding the leaked video.

It is crucial for a celebrity with a very close online relationship to address these issues, as it may negatively affect both the victim and their fans.

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Sachzna Laparan Relationship With Her Ex-Boyfriend

In June 2021, actor Jerome Ponce and emerging singer-actress/vlogger/model Sachzna Laparan were confirmed to be romantically involved.

On the evening of June 4, 2021, fans organized a surprise birthday celebration for Jerome. The special event took place at Sachzna’s residence in Antipolo.

As per a source from (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the two had only been in a relationship for less than a month at that time.

Jerome had previously garnered attention on social media when he extended birthday wishes to Sachzna for her 23rd birthday on May 27.

In his birthday greeting to the aspiring star, he conveyed, “Happy birthday, nassib,” with “nassib” meaning “destiny or fate.”

Regrettably, in April 2023, Sachzna officially announced the conclusion of her nearly two-year relationship with Jerome Ponce.

Sachzna Laparan Scandal
In June 2021, actor Jerome Ponce and Sachzna Laparan confirmed their relationship (Source: PEP)

She shared the details of a challenging week in her life when she persevered through her daily routine despite experiencing “pain and struggle.”

From a young age, Laparan harbored a passion for acting and fashion. She is a versatile talent, seamlessly navigating modeling and acting worlds.

Embarking on her journey at the age of 15, Sachzna began her modeling career, and by 2016, she actively participated in various modeling competitions.

In addition to her flourishing career, she successfully earned her Bachelor’s degree from Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite.

Having laid the foundation for her career during her teen years, Sachzna has evolved into a prominent figure in the Philippines, captivating the internet with her allure.

While she has gained popularity on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, her true sense of accomplishment lies in her pursuit of acting in movies.

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