Sage Steele Sick

Is Sage Steele sick? Many people are concerned about the American television anchor’s health following her recent departure from ESPN.

Sage Steele is a former ESPN anchor who has made a buzz for her outspoken views on politics and social issues.

She is known for formerly hosting SportsCenter and covering various sports events, such as the NBA, the Olympics, and the World Cup.

The Panama Canal Zone native is also among the few Black women in sports journalism. She often spoke about her biracial identity and the challenges she faced in the industry.

With her career spanning several years, the sportscaster has accumulated significant fame and success.

Recently, Sage Steele ended her 16 years of journey with ESPN after she settled a lawsuit against the network and Disney, accusing them of violating her free speech rights.

Meanwhile, many people have shown their curiosity about her health. Is the sportscaster sick? Let’s find out if she is suffering from any illness.

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Is Sage Steele Sick? What Happened To The Anchor?

Sage Steele is not sick; nothing happened to the former ESPN anchor.

According to the available information, the former SportsCenter host is not suffering from any health issues. There has been no official report, so we assume Steele is in good health.

Sage Steele Sick
As of this writing, the prominent sportscaster Sage Steele has no illness. (Image Source: NBC News)

As mentioned above, Sage left ESPN after settling a lawsuit with the sports media company. Her departure has garnered much media and public attention.

At the same time, her fans and well-wishers have been concerned about her health. Some of her fans believe she might have left ESPN due to a health issue.

They can rest assured that the former SportsCenter host is not sick. In contrast, the anchor left the network after settling a lawsuit that she filed last year.

She claimed that ESPN and Disney violated her free speech rights by publishing statements she made about the COVID-19 vaccination and former President Barack Obama.

She announced her departure from ESPN after 16 years on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to “exercise her first amendment rights more freely.”

She also expressed gratitude and excitement for her experiences at ESPN for her future step.

Sage Steele Career Explored

Sage Steele, a well-known American television anchor, comes from the Panama Canal Zone. Her father, a black American, and her Irish-Italian mother welcomed her.

The television personality studied sports communication at Indiana University Bloomington and graduated in 1995.

Sage Steele Sick
The former ESPN official Sage Steele joined the network in 2007. (Image Source: Variety)

Sage delivered the commencement address during the university’s undergraduate ceremony in 2015.

Steele began her career in television sports reporting in 1995 at WSBT-TV, the CBS affiliate in South Bend, Indiana. She later worked at other Indianapolis, Tampa, and Washington, D.C. stations.

Finally, in 2007, the talented sportscaster was hired by ESPN as the co-host of the SportsCenter alongside Matt Barrie.

She has hosted SportsCenter on the Road from events, including The Masters, Super Bowl, and many others.

Additionally, she hosted NBA Countdown on ESPN between 2012 to 2020 and ABC for four seasons, ending in 2017. She also covered every NBA Finals from 2012 to 2020.

Sage Steele aroused outrage in 2021 with remarks about vaccine mandates, female sports writers, and former President Barack Obamas’ racial identity.

She was taken off the air by the network. Following that, she filed a lawsuit against ESPN, stating that the company had retaliated against her for her words and had violated her free speech rights.

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