Saju Chelavalel

Saju Chelavalel is accused of murdering his wife and children.

Saju Chelavalel has been charged with murdering a nurse and two young children who were discovered dead in a flat.

On Thursday, Chelavalel was arrested at his home in Petherton Court in Kettering after Police were called to report three people had been injured. Anju Asok, 35, and her two children, Jeeva Saju, six, and Janvi Saju, four, were found seriously injured by emergency personnel.

Ms. Asok was killed at the scene, and her two children died later in the hospital.

Since last year, she had been a “committed and compassionate staff nurse who was loved and respected by her dear friends and colleagues” at Kettering General Hospital.

Saju Chelavalel Arrested: What Did He Do?

Saju Chelavalel is charged with the murder of his wife and her two children, ages six and four, who were discovered dead from ‘asphyxiation’ in their flat.

His wife, Anju Asok, was 35 years old at the time of her death.

They were pronounced dead a short time later, with post-mortem examinations revealing that all three died of asphyxiation.

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Northamptonshire Police charged Chelavalel with three counts of murder late Sunday night. On Monday, he will appear in Northampton Magistrates’ Court.

Where Is Saju Chelavalel Now? Jail Or Prison?

Saju Chelavalel is currently in jail and will appear at Northampton Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

On Monday, Saju Chelavalel, questioned by UK authorities about the murder of an Indian nurse and her two children, was charged with three counts.

Saju Chelavalel arrested
Police officials at crime spot. (Source:

Chelavalel can only be identified now, following the murder charges and before his appearance in Northampton Magistrates’ Court, where he will be remanded to judicial custody.

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Northamptonshire Police officers arrested him after being called to his home in Kettering on Thursday morning, and the three victims were discovered with severe injuries.

Who Was Anju Asok?

Anju Asok, originally from Viakom in Kerala’s Kottayam district, has worked at a local hospital in Kettering since last year. She worked as a nurse in the orthopedic department at Kettering General Hospital, which praised its “dedicated and compassionate” employee.

Saju Chelavalel arrested.
Anju Asok and Janvi Saju died after being found with serious injuries at a property in Northamptonshire (Source:

Anju Asok was a trained nurse who joined our KGH family in 2021 and primarily worked on Barnwell B, one of the hospital’s Orthopaedic wards. Her coworkers liked and respected her as a committed and empathetic staff nurse.

The news of the deaths “devastated” Sarah Powell, head teacher at Kettering Park Infant Academy, where the two children attended. Flowers and notes have been left near the family’s home in Kettering as tributes to the deceased have continued to pour in.

Her colleagues are receiving appropriate professional support from the hospital. Residents in the area were shocked to learn of the deaths.

People can’t believe it, said business manager Pierino Geranio, who runs his uncle’s barber shop near the cul-de-sac where the incident occurred a day after the fatalities.

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Several bouquets and cuddly toys have been left alongside the Police cordon that has blocked off Petherton Court.

One of the tributes was accompanied by an unsigned note: “The news shocked and devastated us. The community will never forget this tragic and upsetting incident. RIP. We hope you’re doing better now.”

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