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Sakshi Joshi Vinod Kapri parking video is trending on social media as the couple was allegedly seen making out. Let’s find out the fact here.

Sakshi Joshi is an Indian journalist who has established a name for herself in Electronic Media by working in this field for over a decade.

Being one of the most prominent Indian journalists, Joshi has already worked in multiple stations, including BBC, Network 18, News 24, and India TV.

In 2020, Sakshi decided to become an independent journalist and switched to independent journalism. So, she began reporting on social media and also on YouTube. Now, she has amassed nearly 1 million subscribers.

Apart from that, Joshi is also recognized for being the wife of Vinod Kapri, a filmmaker and author. Both of them are currently in the limelight for a viral video which has been explained below.

Sakshi Joshi Vinod Kapri Parking Video

Everyone on social media is searching for the Sakshi Joshi Vinod Kapri parking video. The topic is mainly trending on social media handles such as Twitter and Reddit.

Meanwhile, the video of the couple is making headlines before. The term “Sakshi Joshi Vinod Kapri Parking Video” has remained in people’s eyes since mid-2022.

Sakshi Joshi Vinod Kapri Parking Video
Sakshi Joshi and Vinod Kapri’s parking video is trending on social media, mainly on Twitter. ( Source: Twitter )

Many Twitter users have discussed the video, and many have claimed that Sakshi and Vinod were caught having an intimate moment in a car parked in the parking lot.

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Sakshi Joshi Vinod Kapri Parking Video Controversy and Scandal Explained

Sakshi Josi and Vinod Kapri parking video has dragged the couple into controversy. As mentioned earlier, the scandal is mainly going viral on Twitter as everyone is asking for the fact.

Most of her Twitter users have claimed that the duo was seen making out together in a parking lot inside a car. One Twitter account posted a photo of multiple cars parked in the parking lot with the caption, “Zoom to see reserved parking of Vinod Kapri and Sakshi Joshi.”

Sakshi Joshi Vinod Kapri Controversy
A person on Twitter talked about Sakshi Joshi Vinod Kapri’s parking video that circulated on social media in 2022. ( Source: Twitter )

Another Twitter handle also talked about the same matter and commented on one of the tweets of Sakshi, saying, “I googled who is Sakshi Joshi. Found out, She is a TV Journalist. A watchman had caught her and Vinod Kapri ( her husband ) making out in Car Parking.”

Despite that, the original video of the duo isn’t available on the internet. So, this can be said that the matter may have come into the limelight without any facts.

What Does Sakshi Joshi Say About Parking Video?

It’s been a long time since the Sakshi Joshi parking video with her partner has dragged everyone’s attention. The viral incident has dragged Joshi into controversy.

Due to that, some of her well-wishers were also eagerly waiting for the words from the journalist as the viral matter had created confusion among people.

Sakshi Joshi and Vinod Kapri
Sakshi Joshi and Vinod Kapri are a power couple who have not opened their mouth regarding the viral incident. ( Source: Instagram )

Despite that, Sakshi has not talked anything about this issue. From that, it can be said that Joshi may be ignoring the wanted rumors circulating on social media, which went viral without any facts.

On the other hand, her partner Vikram has also not said anything about the parking video. 

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