Sakshi Malik

Sakshi Malik ***** news is making headlines on the internet. The 16-year-old lady was stabbed to ***** by her boyfriend, Sahil.

Sakshi Malik was a 16-year-old girl from India whose name has been the current hot topic on the internet following her brutal killing.

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The young lady was murdered by her own boyfriend, whose name is said to be Sahil Khan. Sahil stabbed Sakshi at least a dozen times and killed her in public view.

A police officer said Sakshi was passing by the street when Sahil suddenly intercepted her, stabbed her repeatedly with a knife, and hit her head with stones.

Delhi Minor Sakshi Malik ***** and Obituary

Sakshi Malik died recently, and everyone is searching for her obituary after her *****. People are sharing their tributes to the late soul.

Likewise, everyone is aware of her ****** as she was stabbed to ***** by her partner. The video of Sahil stabbing Sakshi has gone viral on social media.

The ****** happened in the Shahbad Dairy area in Delhi’s Rohini. It is reported that Sahil was upset over the victim’s decision to end their relationship. 

Sakshi Malik *****
Sakshi Malik was stabbed to ***** by her boyfriend Sahil Khan. ( Source: Facebook )

Likewise, Sahil was angry because they had stopped talking to each other, which ultimately led him to ****** and kill her brutally. Sahil stabbed Sakshi more than 20 times on a busy street. 

It is reported that Sakshi and Sahil were in a relationship that started in June 2021. Sakshi reportedly stayed with a friend named Neetu for the past 15 days.

Before her *****, Sakshi and Sahil even had a heated argument. On the day of the ******, Sakshi was planning to attend her friend Neetu’s son’s birthday, but on the way, she was killed.

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Where Is Sakshi Murderer Sahil Khan Now?

Sakshi Malik’s murderer Sahil has been arrested. It is reported that Sahil switched off his phone and went into hiding after the incident.

Sahil made a phone call to his dad, which gave away his location. As soon as the police were notified about the horrible incident, they put Sahil on technical surveillance.

Sakshi Murderer Sahil Khan
Sakshi’s murderer Sahil Khan has been arrested, and a case has already been filed. ( Source: Facebook )

According to preliminary findings from the postmortem report, the girl was stabbed 16 times, and her skull ruptured after a sharp object bashed it in. The detailed postmortem report has not been released yet.

Moreover, the Police have registered an FIR against the murderer under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) at Shahbad Dairy Police Station.

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Sakshi Malik ****** Case Update

A recent update on the Sakshi Malik ****** case has shown that the murderer has already been detained, and a case has been filed.

As we know, the horrible incident was also captured on a CCTV camera, and the video had gone viral on many social media platforms.

Sakshi Malik ******
The news of Sakshi Malik’s ****** came as a shock to the world as she was stabbed more than 20 times with a sharp object. ( Source: Twitter )

In the video, Sahil was stabbing the girl, and some people also tried to stop him, but they couldn’t. Following her *****, everyone is shocked, and the incident has dragged the eyes of many.

So, many renowned figures in India have also paid tribute to Malik and asked questions about public security. 

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