Samarria White

Samarria White mug shot and child abuse: The video of White abusing her child is all over the social media handles. Here is everything about White’s arrest and charges. 

Samarria White is a mother of three kids, and currently, she is trending online for the viral video where she was seen abusing one of her kids. 

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White is currently the most searched name on the internet after one of the social media users shared her video on Facebook, and now it is all over the social media platforms. 

White’s Facebook profile is widely shared, and netizens have commented and conveyed their furious opinion about the video. 

As soon as people saw the accused video, they are questioning Samarria’s arrest and charges as this is one of the cruel things a mother can do to her child. 

Samarria White Mug Shot And Child Abuse

Samarria White mugshot has not been released yet, but it has been searched heavily on the internet following her arrest after child abuse.

A Facebook user who shared a video of White reported that the lady had been arrested. With that, people started searching for White’s mugshot, but it has not been published yet.

Samarria white mug shot and child abuse
The video of Samarria White maltreating her eight years old child has been going viral on the internet. (Source: Facebook)

In the video, White was dragging her kid on the ground by her hair; meanwhile, she was also scolding her, and the kid was crying and asking for help. 

The neighbors recorded the incident and said no other people were there to witness Samarria’s activities. A social media user named Gwen Harris-McKenzie said the baby is eight years old. 

And she added, “My kids have been telling me this lil girl been asking them to help get them away because they’re being abused. “

White’s video has been shared on social media platforms, and many have asked for her arrest. People are sharing the video for awareness purposes and are demanding to find her as soon as possible. 

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Samarria White Arrest And Charge

A mother, Samarria White, is facing tons of criticism which is considerable, for what she did with her eight years old kid. 

As mentioned earlier, she accused her youngest kid, whose name is still to be updated. There are many questions about White’s arrest and charges, as people want to see her in prison. 

Samarria White arrest
Gwen Harris-McKenzie shared a post about Samarria White’s arrest on Facebook. (Source: Facebook)

A few hours ago, Gwen updated a post where she said Samarria was arrested and all three kids were taken by ambulance. However, the official details regarding her charges and arrest are still to be updated.

Similalry, White and McKenzie’s kids used to play together. McKenzie and those kids said, “This isn’t the worst she has done that they have seen; they just finally caught it on camera.”

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Where Is Samarria White Now?

As said earlier, Samarria White has been arrested following her cruel act toward a young child. The video is going viral, and everyone is criticizing her.

A Facebook user has already given an update saying that Samarria has been arrested. So, now, she must be in custody.

Further updates regarding her case have not been given to any verified media sources or the police department.

Samarria White Kids
Picture of three kids of Samarria White. (Source: Facebook)

People were horrified when everyone started sharing the video of White abusing a young girl. As the news is still developing, more updates may come.

Furthermore, White can be found on Facebook, where she has shared some snaps, and social media users are commenting on her images and have also shared the viral video where White was seen abusing a child.


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