San Francisco Synagogue Shooting

Police have detained a man suspected of ******** inside a San Francisco synagogue.

Without incident, a man suspected of pointing a gun at people, yelling threats, and firing a blank round into a San Francisco synagogue was taken into custody Friday night.

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A man entering a room with more than a dozen people seated at a table was seen in surveillance footage that KTVU-TV posted online without sound.

On Wednesday evening, a man entered the Schneerson Center synagogue in San Francisco, primarily frequented by Jews who speak Russian. He fired several rounds into the air that were likely blanks.

Although nobody was hurt, the incident upset the congregation. 

San Francisco Synagogue ********: What Happened?

A man suspected of ******** inside a San Francisco synagogue has been detained by police. 

A suspect is seen on surveillance video entering a synagogue in the Richmond District of San Francisco and appearing to fire a gun. (Source:

A man was seen on surveillance footage walking into a room with over a dozen people seated at a table while wearing a baseball cap, a jacket, and sneakers. Before pulling out a gun and firing, the artificial hand motions, he made his way to the door, gave the older man a salute, and walked out.

The rabbi claimed that although the people at the table appeared to remain calm, they were stunned. Investigators believe the man used blanks, and no injuries or property damage were reported.

Suspect Dmitri Mishin Has Been Arrested

Suspect Dmitri Mishin was arrested on Friday night in the Richmond District for suspicion of upsetting a religious gathering, brandishing a toy gun, and preventing someone from participating in a religious service.

Dmitri may also be linked to another incident where he brandished a firearm. (Source: Twitter)

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office reported that Dmitri Mishin of San Francisco was being held without bail after being arrested just before 12:30 am on Saturday.

It wasn’t immediately known if he had a lawyer to represent him.

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On Wednesday, just before 7:30 pm, Mishin is suspected of entering the Schneerson Center on Balboa Street, which hosts social events and religious classes for the neighborhood’s Russian Jewish community.

Where Is Dmitri Mishin Now?

Dmitri Mishin, of San Francisco, is being held without bail after being arrested just before 12:30 am on Saturday.

It wasn’t immediately known if he had a lawyer to represent him.

To obtain a search warrant, investigators established probable cause and searched the suspect’s home. Evidence was found during the search and was taken.

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Alon Chanukov, a junior rabbi and vice president of the Schneerson Center, asserts that he thinks the assault was premeditated. He explained why the congregation did not immediately respond to the gunfire because the man spoke Russian and was perceived as a friendly visitor.

Dmitri Mishin Is Also A Suspect In A Similar Incident

A man entered a theater about a half-mile away from the synagogue on Tuesday night brandishing a handgun, and Police said Mishin is also suspected in that incident. 

Police reported that neither incident resulted in injuries. Investigators found evidence connecting Mishin to both incidents when they searched his home after his arrest, according to the Police on Saturday. 

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It’s not known if a gun was also found. Even though an individual has been arrested, the investigation is still ongoing.

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