Dg Fia Sanaullah Abbasi

Sanaullah Abbasi leaked video is one of the most searched topics online. If you want to know more about his scandal, read this complete article.

Sanaullah Abbasi is a Pakistani civil servant and police officer. Between June 2021 and April 2022, he served as the Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency.

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In addition to that, Abbasi also worked as inspector general of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police. He took the respective roles between January 2020 and June 2021.

Furthermore, Abbasi often gets into the media prominence for various reasons. Currently, netizens are concerned about his scandal.

Before knowing something related to Abbasi’s scandal, let’s explore everything about his leaked video.

Dg Fia Sanaullah Abbasi Leaked Video Goes Viral

Everyone online is searching for Dg Fia Sanaullah Abbasi leaked video. Many people are concerned about this matter, which has pulled Abbasi into the limelight.

Some people speculated that the leaked video related to Abbasi may be explicit. In the past, there have been records of some figures who went viral after their name was linked with explicit clips.

Sanaullah Abbasi Leaked Video
Sanaullah Abbasi leaked video is trending on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. ( Source: Geo TV )

In the same way, Sanaullah became the victim of the same incident as online users started to search for his leaked video.

His leaked video has no truth, as it is another scandal. In the past, a leaked video was posted that was related to Abbasi. In 2016, Sanaullah was directed to hold a thorough inquiry to resolve why Dr Asim Hussain’s video was leaked.

As people are concerned more about this matter, more facts have been elaborated below.

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Sanaullah Abbasi Scandal And Controversy Explained

Sanaullah Abbasi scandal has pulled him into the middle of controversy. As said earlier, his scandal is related to a leaked video from the past.

In 2016, Abbasi was directed to hold a thorough inquiry to resolve why Dr Asim Hussain’s video was leaked. He was asked to present a report to the committee within three weeks.

Sanaullah Abbasi Scandal
Sanaullah Abbasi scandal has dragged him into the middle of controversy. ( Source: The Express Tribune )

The AIG Sindh Police informed the committee that Dr. Asim Hussain denied the revelations from the leaked video and refuted an alleged statement linking Wasim Akhtar to the May 12, 2007, killings in Karachi.

Apart from that, an alleged audio call between Malik Riaz and his daughter was leaked in 2022. In the viral audio clip, Abbasi was also linked.

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More Facts On Sanaullah Abbasi Video Update

Sanaullah Abbasi is currently in media prominence as everyone on the internet is searching for his leaked video.

As of now, Abbasi has not said a single word regarding the viral video. Considering this fact, it can be confirmed that Abbasi prefers to ignore the rumors that go viral without any facts.

It’s been a long time since people have searched for this matter, but Abbasi has not responded to anything. In the same way, the media sources have also not given any updates yet.

Sanaullah Abbasi Video
Sanaullah Abbasi leaked video dragged everyone’s eyes to the internet sources, but he has not said a single word yet. ( Source: SUCH TV )

The matter is mainly trending on Facebook, where people are searching for Abbasi’s leaked video. As people’s concerns have been raised, more updates may be shared in the coming years.

Moreover, Genius Celebs will also come up with more news regarding the Abbasi scandal. 

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