Sara Sidner

Sara Sidner weight loss news has often been a part of her professional journey, as the journalist has never missed sharing titbits on body positivity.

Sara Sidner is an American journalist known for her work as a correspondent for CNN. 

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The journalist has covered numerous significant events and has reported from various locations worldwide.

In April of this year, a news piece on Sidner was released, talking about how fearless she is while reporting the midst of challenging situations.

In 2011, Sidner even calmly covered the jubilant scenes in Tripoli while navigating the danger of bullets and shells being fired into the air.

Likewise, during COVID-19, she spent 176 days on the road, including a significant period in Minneapolis, where she reported on the ****** of George Floyd by police. 

Sara became a prominent figure during the protests and facilitated the initial dialogue between the city’s police chief and Floyd’s family.

Recently, Sidner returned from Turkey, where she witnessed the heart-wrenching grief of families affected by the devastating earthquakes that struck the region.

While everyone has always commended Sidner for her bravery and clean journalism, she has also been a subject of body weight issues. Keep reading to learn more.

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Sara Sidner Weight Loss Before And After

Even though there are no such recent developments regarding Sara Sidner’s weight loss, the acclaimed journalist has mentioned her physique before.

Previously in 2017, during CNN’s coverage of Hurricane Irma in Florida, Sara shared her experience of being tossed around by the strong winds in Daytona Beach.

In her conversation with anchor Don Lemon, she referred to herself as “chunky” to highlight the impact of the gusts.

Sara Sidner weight loss
Sara Sidner is an American journalist co-anchoring the morning edition of CNN News Central (Source: CNN)

Lemon, responding with body positivity, assured her that her size didn’t matter and complimented her beauty, stating, “There’s nothing wrong with having a little curve.”

This heartwarming exchange resonated with viewers, with Lemon receiving praise for his supportive comment, even from social media users.

Similarly, in 2019, Sara Sidner expressed her gratitude to Tommy Tomlinson on Twitter for shedding light on the challenging aspects of weight loss.

She was grateful to learn about individuals struggling with obesity, as well as the potential triumphs.

Tomlinson has mentioned his book shared on @TheAtlantic that delved into the topic of obesity, weight loss journeys, and all related aspects.

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Sara Sidner: What Happened To CNN Anchor?

Nothing has happened in particular to Sara Sidner. Currently, she is co-anchor for the morning edition of CNN News Central.

Additionally, she previously hosted a show called “Big Picture with Sara Sidner” on CNN+, a subscription-based service provided by the network.

Reflecting on her experiences, Sidner expressed awe at the unprecedented scale of destruction she witnessed.

Despite being exposed to chaotic environments, she maintains composure and authority.

Sara Sidner weight loss
Sara Sidner received multiple Emmy Awards for covering civil unrest in Libya (Source: EL MIRA)

However, Sidner admitted feeling anxious about her new role, which commenced on Monday as part of CNN’s daytime lineup restructuring.

As one of the anchors on “CNN News Central,” alongside John Berman and Kate Bolduan, she acknowledged her nervousness about the unfamiliarity of studio work.

Sidner’s reporting has earned her critical acclaim and recognition as her work has depth, empathy, and dedication to giving a voice to the affected people.

Sara has covered natural disasters like the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the tsunami in Japan in 2011, and civil unrest such as the Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and Libya.

Moreover, she received multiple Emmy Awards and was nominated for a News & Documentary Emmy Award for her coverage of the unrest in Libya.

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