Sarah Boone Suitcase Video

TikTok users could watch a clip of Sarah Boone’s 2020 Suitcase video, in which she zipped her boyfriend so tightly that he could not breathe.

A man’s ***** in 2020 that resulted from an innocent game of hide and sought has received renewed interest since his girlfriend was brought before the court on suspicion of second-degree ******.

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After leaving her boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr. zipped inside a suitcase for hours under the pretense of playing a game, Sarah Boone of Florida was detained by Police in February 2020 and charged with ******.

According to a Daily Mail report, the couple played hide-and-seek while sipping wine. Sarah allegedly discovered Jorge inside a suitcase and zipped him inside after he had hidden there.

Sarah Boone Suitcase Video Viral On TikTok

A video of Sarah Boone’s Suitcase video from 2020 surfaced online, in which she zipped her boyfriend to the point of him losing his ability to breathe.

Screenshot from a cellphone video allegedly recorded by Sarah Boone. (Source:

She is allegedly heard laughing while cursing Torres in a two-minute video discovered on Boone’s phone. The boyfriend kept calling her name and explained that he was having trouble breathing. Boone responds by stating that he choked her in that way.

From inside the bag, the man is heard yelling, “I can’t breathe,” as Sarah remarked, “This is for everything you have done to me. Stupid.” While Sarah was unconscious on her bed, Jorge kept claiming that he could not breathe, naively believing that he would be able to awaken on his own.

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Three years after the horrifying incident, on January 30, Sarah will appear for a pretrial hearing. 

Did Sarah Boone Zip Her Boyfriend Purposefully?

Sarah Boone claimed that until she awoke several hours later to the sound of her phone ringing repeatedly, she had no idea that her partner might still be in the bag. 

She initially believed that her boyfriend was somewhere downstairs before realizing that he was still trapped. She asserted that she found Torres unresponsive and not breathing when she opened the suitcase. 

Sarah Boone 1
Boone is escorted by a police officer following her arrest. (Source:

Before deputies arrived and learned Torres had passed away, she made a 911 call.

When deputies arrived at the House to look into the report, Jorge was lying on the floor close to the blue bag. According to the arrest report, Sarah panicked and realized that the last time she had seen Jorge was when she had zipped him into the suitcase.

But her story fell apart when investigators found a video on her phone of Torres writhing around inside the suitcase and pleading to be released.

Sarah Boone Accused Of Killing Her Boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr

Sarah Boone is accused of second-degree ****** after her boyfriend passed away in a suitcase in 2020.

Boone is expected to appear in court charged with second-degree ****** after allegedly leaving her boyfriend to suffocate in a suitcase and taunting him as he begged to be released.

When Sarah Boone’s case goes to trial, which is anticipated to happen this year, her defense attorney said he plans to use a battered spouse defense. 

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During a pretrial hearing on Tuesday, January 17, the defense lawyer informed the judge that the case “is not ready for trial” and that he still needed to speak with Boone and locate subject-matter experts for her defense.

Because he has another case in February, the lawyer also requested that the trial be scheduled for April.

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